10 Top Detox Foods to Cleanse your Body System

Detoxing is not always about losing weight. It is about cleansing your body system from inside out. Nevertheless, you still shed some pounds after a detox diet. Nutritionists suggest that before any weight-loss program, taking a simple detox can help in eliminating cravings, awaken your digestive system, and prepare your body for a healthier food lifestyle. For that, it is important to figure out the top detox foods that will cleanse your body system.

Here are some of the top detox foods that will make your body system get cleansed well. They are equally refreshing and rejuvenating to the body.



Lemons or lemonade can be an excellent detoxing agent. So many detox diets are based on lemons. It flushes out the body toxins from your system and helps in cleansing. It has rich Vitamin C content and antioxidants for healthy detox. Drinking a cup of hot water with lemon can boost digestion. For an added flavor, you can include cayenne pepper or sugar with lemons.



Among all citrus fruits grapefruit is a best in detoxing. It has antioxidants properties along with vital vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. The high liquid-content in the fruit helps in washing out body toxins. It is also easy to digest. Grapefruit has been recommended for effective weight loss.  The special nature of grapefruit is that it makes your liver burn up fat easier and faster, while providing the nutrient-laden juice for other organs.



Avocado is a heart-healthy fruit that has monounsaturated fatty acids. It is also a fiber-rich fruit with amazing antioxidant properties. The special compound called glutathione, blocks the absorption of fats in the body, thereby reducing the oxidative damage. It is an essential compound for liver pathway cleansing. Consuming avocados alone will do the detox trick as it promotes healthy content.



Beets are common veggie that aids in detoxing the liver. It contains a plant pigment called betalains – a compound that gives the beets a deep red color. These Betalains helps in promoting cell structure, as well as repairing and regeneration of the body system. Especially it helps in cleansing the liver, which is the body’s primary detox organ. Beets have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.



Most of the greens including Collard greens help in increasing the bile acid binding in the body. Consuming greens makes it easier for bile binding with lipid molecules. The leftover toxins and bile acids are actually excreted through the GI tract. This Bile acid binding is an essential for keeping LDL or the body’s ‘bad’ cholesterol in check.

Green Tea

green tea

Energizing drinks like green tea has a diuretic effect, which promotes faster digestion to flush out the GI tract. The caffeine in Green tea helps to alleviate bloating by neutralizing the water retention in the body. It is rich antioxidants and thus washes out body toxins from the system because of its liquid content. Moreover, green tea has a special type of antioxidant, catechins, increases the liver function.

Raw Veggies

raw veggies

Fresh vegetables are a good source of glutathione, which is essential for detoxification of liver pathway. Moreover, fresh veggies are excellent source of insoluble fiber, which keeps the intestinal gut moving. Eating raw vegetables that are crisp and crunchy gives the highest sort of this insoluble fiber.



Onions are vegetables that provide pungent flavor to our foods. It contains flavonoids, which helps in stimulating the production of liver antioxidant, glutathione. This is how onion helps a lot in detoxifying the body system by increasing the liver functions. Moreover, onion has powerful immune-boosting and anti-bacterial properties.



Similar to onions, the pungent nature of Garlic also helps in detoxifying the body system. It helps in stimulating the liver function by producing detoxification enzymes, which alleviate the toxins from the digestive system. It is advisable to adding sliced or cooked garlic to your foods for helping in detoxification.



Yogurt has probiotics, which is a healthy bacterium that fortifies the natural flora in the GI tract. In this way, it aids digestion and boosts the natural immune system of the body.


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