6 Essential Foods for Women Health

Most of the women are having a lifestyle dedicated to the family, and as a result they have little time for themselves. It is essential for women to pamper their health, equally as they do for their children and family. As women, you are prone to various biological changes in your body, owing to various reasons from pregnancy to aging issues. Women also encounter more problems than men such as thyroid disorder, menopause, cholesterol, sugar levels and more. In that case, you have to take all the essential nutrients that are required for your body during different stages of life. Daily consumption of nutritious food is important. It is essential to intake particular Foods for Women Health that will benefit their needs as well as combat physical problems.

Essential Foods for Women Health

Here are few essential foods for women health that has to be added to daily routine for nutrition and healthy living.


Humans can even live without food, but not without water.  Water is a universal drink and shortage of water can shut down your body system from functioning. It helps in flushing out the body toxins and impurities. It is a best purifier, nutrient transporter, and best cleanser. It also helps in keeping your skin, bones, and joints healthy.


Onions have health promoting healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Onions help in combating arthritis, osteoporosis, and respiratory infections. It also helps in improving gastrointestinal health and heart health as it helps in lowering triglyceride and blood pressure. High consumption of onions reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It also aids bone health and prevents bone diseases.

Low-fat Yoghurt

It is a healthy traditional food that accumulates to lot many health benefits. Not only yoghurt, all fermented dairy products are good for women’s health. It contains healthy enzymes like probiotics that protect the human body. Yoghurt is also evidenced to reduce irritable bowel problems and digestive disorders. Regular intake of curd also helps in preventing osteoporosis. For women with stomach ulcers and vaginal infections, yoghurt is a miraculous cure. It is important for women to consume around 3-5 servings of low-fat yoghurt in a week.

Sesame seeds

A handful of sesame seeds have more nutrition than a glass of milk. They are high protein and calcium supplement that lowers cholesterol and boosts heart health. Sesame seeds are good for women during menstrual periods and menopausal women as it has the hormones required for women. For breastfeeding women, consuming around 5 gm. of sesame seeds daily in morning can be beneficial. However, it is not good for pregnant mothers as it might hinder the pregnancy and for others, it has to be taken in medium quantities.


Nuts like pistachios are good source of minerals and fatty acids. It is also rich in antioxidants. Since women are more prone to heart diseases, they need to be provided with essential dose of nutrients. Pistachios help in reducing oxidative damage in the body that causes heart problems and cancer symptoms.


Fishes are high source of mega-3 fatty acids. It helps in decreasing inflammation among blocked arteries. It also prevents blood clots and reduces the risk of heart problems. You can readily take good amounts of fatty fish like salmons, sardines etc. women can take around 2 servings of fish in a week to add essential dose of nutrients to the body.



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