10 Superfoods to Increase Breast Milk Production – Part II

In our previous post, we mentioned few of the superfoods that help breast milk supply for nursing moms.
10 Superfoods to Increase Breast Milk Production – Part I
These foods increase breast milk production considerably.

Foods that help increase breast milk production are termed as galactagogue or lactogenic foods. These superfoods increase breast milk production for nursing mothers. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the importance of breastfeeding and supports compulsory 6 months of breastfeeding for babies because of all the benefits.

Usually, the volume and composition of breast milk depend on the time of day, feeding frequency, and the age of the baby. This is why it is important for lactating mothers to take care of their diet with appropriate changes.

Earlier, we had a list of super foods that increase breast milk production. Here we have the continuation of it.

What foods Increase Breast Milk Production

6. Garlic

Garlic has a traditional history as a galactagogue along with its medicinal benefits. Adding garlic to your daily diet has to be done in moderation. Take one or two cloves of garlic per day. Introduce it slowly and check the baby’s reaction, since it changes the flavor and odor of breast milk. Babies must not be given garlic extract but will benefit a lot from garlic eaten by mothers. Eating garlic will increase milk supply within two hours after the mother takes it.

You can cook garlic in milk and drink it warm . Fried garlic in sesame seed oil is also good to consume.

Caution: Do not combine garlic with anticoagulants, as it has blood-thinning actions.

7. Beetroot and Carrot

Foods such as beetroots and carrots are great for breastfeeding moms. They contain good amounts of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant. It also helps increase the supply of breast milk. Also, beetroots and carrots are high in minerals and nutrients that the mother and the baby needs. It also is beneficial for the overall health and growth of newborn babies.

You can make healthy carrot and beet root juice for mid-day drink. Alternatively, you can also make soups and salads with carrots and beetroots.

8. Bone Broth

Bone Broth is nothing but a flavored liquid preparation. It is made from simmering bones and ingredients in water for 1-2 hours. Drinking bone broth regularly can impact breast milk supply for good. Bone soup is quite greasy and gelatinous. It is super healthy as it full of bone marrow. Be aware to check with your breast milk supply after drinking it as it can increase the milk production, sometimes, to unmanageable levels. You can make bone broth with chicken or mutton.

9. Organ Meat

Organ meats such as chicken and mutton liver are healthy for nursing moms. It is a good source of retinol and contains lots of Vitamin A, B12, choline, folate and other minerals such as copper n zinc. It also has more micronutrients than muscle meats. 100g of beef liver contains 14mg of copper while chicken liver less than 1mg. It is identified as a good source of high-quality protein and iron. Because of its high folate content, it is important during and after pregnancy.

10. Mung Bean

Mung beans are good food for breastfeeding moms. It contains good amounts of protein, folic acid, vitamin B1, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese etc.
Protein is essential for lactating moms. Folic acid in Mung beans help facilitate mom’s breast milk supply as well as baby’s cognitive devemoplent. since the Vitamin B1 in Mung beans converts carbohydrates into energy, it maintains a steady breast milk supply.

Now you know how these superfoods increase breast milk production and help to lactate mothers.


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