Coconut oil – the best of all for Summer health care

Coconut oil is said to have innumerable benefits and uses, ranging from cooking, health and beauty aspects. It is a universal cure-all for both internal and external problems. With the summer approaching, coconut oil is the best bet to cure certain health concerns arising because of the hot weather. 

The awesomeness of coconut oil can be a soothing relief for summer burns and heat related issues. It can be used for both pre-sun care and post sun care treatments.Applying it to skin can make it smooth and supple.

Moreover, the coconut oil is proven to prevent the hair strands from its moisture and protein loss in hair, which is a mandatory one. You can apply hot coconut oil to the hair overnight and wash it off in the morning. This will make it look smooth and shiny. The protein content in the oil penetrates the shaft, and strengthens the cuticles. This causes your hair to look less frizzy and dry. In addition to that, it promotes hair growth.

Since coconut oil has anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, it tends to minimize the impacts of dryness such as dandruff or other infections. It is a best pre-wash and post-wash solution during summers, effectively replacing the damage caused to hair due to weather.

Thus, pre-treatment and effective handling of hair and skin during dry weathers would minimize any form of damage. Coconut oil, as a valuable aid, deep conditions your hair and skin to the fullest. For it being hailed as the ‘healthiest on earth’, it is certainly worthy of all.


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