Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Hair Growth

Flaunting a long and strong hair requires a lot of effort. It becomes a trying task to get a healthy hair, due to the styling treatments and hair damage. While there are so many salon treatments and home remedies, we constantly focus on external care for hair. But that is not the real solution. Hair needs the vital nutrients from within. This is the only way to make your hair care regimen a complete. When it comes to the matter of nutrition, you need to know a lot. It is well-known that hair needs various vitamins and minerals. But how far are we aware of those particular compounds. Only then, you can incorporate it into your diet. There are few essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins that are beneficial for your hair. These essential vitamins and minerals for hair growth helps to keep your hair healthy from the roots.

Essential Vitamins for Hair

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for cell growth, and thus influences hair growth. It contains enough antioxidants to moisturize the hair scalp and prevent drying. Strengthening and thickening of hair is additional benefit from this vitamin. Moreover, it also helps the scalp to get the natural oils/sebum and gives a healthy shine and gloss to hair.

Some of the foods that are rich in vitamin a are carrots, egg yolk, liver, sweet potatoes, milk, and spinach.

Biotin (Vitamin B71)

Biotin is the hair growth vitamin that is responsible for hair volume and thickness. It helps repair brittle hair and improves hair texture. Biotin facilitates hair growth in collaboration with fats and amino acids, which are the building blocks of hair proteins. Daily intake of this water-soluble vitamin ensures healthy and thicker hair.

Some of the foods that are rich in biotin vitamin are mushrooms, eggs, salmon, peanut butter, yeast, cauliflower, bananas, walnuts, almonds.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 aids cell growth and promotes healthy hair growth. It also prevents hair loss with absorption of iron.

Some of the foods rich in vitamin B12 are eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, and whey powder.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a hair growth vitamin that aids in production of collagen. This collagen is vital for hair thickness and growth. It also prevents premature graying and dryness in hair. Daily intakes of vitamin C through food items such as lemons, guava, grapefruit, and strawberries help maintain hair health.

Folic Acid

Folic acid plays a vital role in hair health. It adds moisture to hair naturally and makes it thickener and shinier. It prevents hair graying. Taking B-complex vitamins adds enough dose of folic acid.

Foods that are high in folic acid are wheat grains and cereals.

Essential Minerals for Hair


Iron increases the tensile strength of the hair shaft and promotes hair growth. Without iron, your hair can become thin, dull, and dry. It facilitates oxygen transfer to the cells, allowing them to work at their maximum potential.

Some of the foods rich in iron are Red meat, Eggs, Raisins, Spinach.


Protein is the building blocks for hair. It strengthens hair follicles and keeps it satiated. Foods with high protein content are good for hair, when provided internally and externally.

Some of the protein-rich foods are Eggs, Milk, Dates, Paneer, Lentils, Nut milk, Nut butter, hemp seeds, and Sprouts.


Zinc deficiency is known to cause hair loss. It also helps maintain hormone balance and reduces hair fall problems and hair graying.

Some Foods High in Zinc is Oysters, Eggs, Nuts, Chickpeas, and Sweet potatoes.


Magnesium promotes hair growth by improving hair follicles. It also helps to improve hair health and facilitates growth.

Some Magnesium Rich Foods are Salmon, Nuts, and seeds.

Growing hair becomes easier on changing your lifestyle and diet. Healthy hair is always a sign of balanced diet and good health. Apart from all these vitamins and minerals, you can consume nutrient supplements that are a mixture of right quantities of different vitamins and minerals. These vitamin and mineral supplements help in faster hair growth. However, consult with an appropriate health care professional to get started with supplements. Additional to this, the right diet will let you get your dream hair.


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