Refreshing Mint Leaves Face Mask

There are some refreshing ways you can fight the scorchy summer time. Naturally refreshing your skin will certainly be a good way to face the hot summer. There are so many ingredients in nature that provide the needed rejuvenation for skin. One among such ingredient is mint leaves. When your skin needs pampering during the sweltering heat, you can have refreshing face packs made at home. Here we have refreshing mint leaves face mask. But not necessarily summer, you can use this pack anytime you prefer.

Usually, a refreshing summer drink soothes the body heat from inside. But when you need something refreshing for topical application, you can try some soothing face packs. So, if you are seeking ways to refresh and cool down your body skin, you have reached the right page!

Check out this fresh mint face mask. Those interested, read on!

Mint Leaves Face Mask


Fresh mint leaves – 1/2 cup

Curd – 1 tbsp

Gram flour – 2 tbsp

Direction to use
  • Take some fresh mint leaves in a bowl and add gram flour into it.
  • Now add some curd into this mixture and mix them well.
  • Since the mixture has leaves and powder form ingredient, you might need some time to get it mixed thoroughly with continuous stirring.
  • Apply this mixture all over your face and neck.
  • Allow it to dry and then wash your face using lukewarm water.

The ingredients present in this face helps skin care in different ways. The curd and gram flour are good cleansers and help get rid of dirt on skin. Curd makes your skin bright by removing suntan.

This refreshing mint leaves face masks helps to tighten your skin tone and also it improves uneven skin tones.

Mint leaves provide fresh and young look to your skin and also you will feel refreshing during hot summer days.

So when you feel sweaty and sultry, try this mint leaves face mask to refresh your skin health.

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