DIY Blackhead Removal Mask

Blackheads are common and annoying skin problem. It appears due to clogged pores on the skin. Earlier, we had some simple remedies for blackheads removal. Today, we shall have a simple DIY Blackhead Removal Mask with natural ingredients and essential oils. All of these ingredients are great for skin care and holds various benefits on its own. When combined together this remedy works great for removing blackheads on skin.


Generally, turmeric has more skin care beneficial values. The anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric help to reduce the appearance of blackheads and also prevent them in the first place. Also, the antioxidants in turmeric help to keep the skin elastic and so your skin youthful.


Gelatin has wonderful benefits for your skin which gives amino acids to your bodies. It helps to reduce wrinkles and also provides a healthy glow to your skin. Actually, it is a type of protein that comes from collagen.

Peppermint Oil

The antimicrobial properties in peppermint oil help to remove blackheads from your skin.

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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is one of the best natural remedies. It is a wonderful essential oil to fight against acne prone skin. The astringent properties in it help to reduce the appearance of large pores and also it slow down the aging process.

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How to Prepare Blackhead Removal Mask


Warm water – 1/8 cup

Gelatin – 1 tbsp

Turmeric – ½ tsp

Frankincense essential oil – 1 drop

Peppermint essential oil – 1 drop

Direction to use
  • Take some warm water in a bowl and then add all the above ingredients one by one.
  • Mix them well until all the ingredients blend together.
  • Now apply this mask on your nose and wherever you want.
  • Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes and then gently peel it off.
  • Wash your face using lukewarm water.

Try out this simple DIY Blackhead Removal Mask and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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