Healthy Smoothies for Lowering Cholesterol

Health Smoothies for lowering cholesterolHeath conscious persons always look for new ways to nourish their body. Veggies and fruits are always good fat-burners, coupled with nutritious benefits. There are several fruits and vegetables, blended with enough nutrients to help persons with high cholesterol. Drinking these health smoothies every morning can perk up your health. Moreover, health smoothies are delicious and packed to help lower your cholesterol levels. Apart from that, it also has loads of health boosting nutrients and antioxidants for improving your health. All of these ingredients helps to control blood sugar and lower your cholesterol level. This way, it helps to improve heart healthLoad up your health routine with these fruits and vegetables every day to get your body health in control.

Pear And Orange Juice


Pears – 1

Oranges – 1

Apple cider vinegar – 1/2 tbsp

Honey – 1/2 tbsp

Ginger – a small piece

Direction to use
  • Take fresh pears and cut them into small chunks, now put it into a juicer jar to extract the juice from it.
  • Peel the oranges and add them into same juicer jar to extract the juice.
  • Add ginger into it and extract the juice.
  • Now add half spoon of apple cider vinegar and half spoon of raw honey into this juice.
  • Mix them well and drink it before breakfast in the morning.
  • For better results, you can drink 2 to 3 glasses of this juice every day.

Beetroot Green Smoothie


Beetroot – 1

Green apple – 1

Green tea – 1 cup

Spinach – ¾ cup

Orange – 1

Flaxseed powder – 1 tbsp

Ginger – 1 small piece

Honey – 1 tbsp

Apple cider vinegar – 1 tbsp

Direction to use
  • Take one cup of chopped beetroot and put it into clean bowl.
  • Add some fresh spinach into it, Wash them well before using it.
  • Now add chopped green apples, ginger roots and oranges into the bowl. Before adding the oranges remove the seeds from it.
  • Add some flaxseed powder into it and mix them well.
  • Take a clean blender and add all the ingredients from the bowl.
  • Blend them well until it becomes smooth.
  • Now add some apple cider vinegar and raw honey into it.
  • Mix them well and drink this smoothie two times a day.
  • You can keep the remaining smoothie in the refrigerator and use it within two days.
  • To avoid loss of nutrients from it, you can prepare the required amount of smoothie and consume it immediately.

Apple cucumber juice


Apples – 1

Cucumber – ½

Lemon – 1/2

Ginger – a small piece

Direction to use
  • Take one fresh apple and chop them into small chunks.
  • Add apples and sliced cucumber into the juicer jar to extract the juice from it.
  • Now add ginger piece and extract its juice.
  • Finally add some lemon juice into this juice and mix them well.
  • Now you can enjoy this health apple juice two times a day.

Drink these health smoothies with zest! The combo of all these fruits and veggies make your health improved.

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