How to remove Makeup in the right way


Makeup has become a part of women’s life. Everything from moisturizers to sunscreens has become an essential. Even a simple daily makeup consists of a lip makeups, eye makeups and bronzers. Everything you put on your face might get you the expected benefits but still at the end of the day, it is important to take them off your skin. What was essential in the morning can become harm to skin if left overnight. This is why it is a mandatory to remove makeup before sleeping. Earlier we did a post about how to make homemade DIY makeup remover. If you have not read it, do it now.

Even though you remove makeup now and then, some of the simple mistakes you do in it can take a toll on your face. Yes. Not everyone knows how to remove makeup effectively. Here is how to remove makeup the right way. Without proper makeup removing techniques, you cannot save your skin. Here are some of the mistakes we do while taking off the face makeup.

Removing Makeup is a Must

Not removing your makeup before going to bed is a big No-No. Most people take it easily because of laziness or busyness. Whatever the reason, you should not do it. Make it a habit to remove makeup before bed. It will be good for your skin in the long run. The reason is simple. Due to your makeup, the environment pollution and dirt that you encountered in the daytime could cause damage to your skin. Also the free radicals and dirt will get cling to your makeup, causing damage to skin. Removing makeup will take off those gross particles on skin and will prevent wrinkles and clogged pores.

Be gentle

Always be gentle to your skin and eyes. If you are a mascara or eye makeup user, never scrub your eye area to get rid of makeup. Even if you use gently cloth, always pat it with an oil makeup remove and gently wipe them. Terribly wiping your eyes and eye lashes can cause them to shed.

Keep your face wipes at minimum

Though face wipes are good for removing makeup, there is a catch in it. These facial wipes do not cleanse skin but only remove the visible makeup remains. Also, the material might not be always soft and can cause irritation and scratches to skin.  So, instead of wet face wipes, use moisturizing makeup remover.

Wash your face with water

Nothing is better than water for your skin. So, after every makeup removal routine, make sure to wash your face by splashing lots of water. This will give your skin the needed moisture after the whole day makeup.

Say NO to harsh cleanser

Always use a mild non-foaming cleanser. Most of the foaming cleansers in the market include harsh chemicals. Also, avoid cleansers that contain sulfates, alcohol, or synthetic scents as ingredients. This will harm your skin.

A Word for Care

  1. Coconut oil can be a best makeup remover.
  2. Be cautious while dealing with your eyes.
  3. Milk can also be effective in removing makeup and moisturizing your skin.
  4. Always gently massage your skin to dissolve the makeup to the oil or makeup removal solution used.
  5. Steaming can also get rid of your skin dirt. So you can do it occasionally at night to remove makeup and grim.
  6. Other than that, make sure to change your face towels regularly. This will help in removing the trapped dirt and buildup in towels. It will also prevent accumulation of germs due to daily use.

Right makeup removal techniques can actually help in keeping your skin healthy. Make sure to avoid these makeup removal mistakes from now and learn to pamper your skin the right way.


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