How to Take Care of Eyes Strain or Fatigue – Eye Care Tips

Take care of eyes strain - eye care tipsWith the increasing unhealthy lifestyle, inadequate nutrition, and mobiles/TV usage, eye care becomes an essential. Vision problems are getting common in this age. Children today spend hours in front of the TV screen and computers. With such a lifestyle, eye problems are no surprise. You have to learn how to take care of eyes strain naturally with these simple eye care tips!

There are some important things you need to know about taking care of eyes. First of all, know how your eyes work. When you look at an image, your eye focuses on it, allowing the light rays to enter the iris part. Then it is focused to the cornea, the eye lens. The image formed there is then sent to the brain through nerves. All of this activity requires the right coordination with the help of eye structures and muscles. Even the slightest defect in it can cause vision problems.

When your eyes look at objects like phone or computer screens, your eye muscles can get strained easily because of the continuous light emitted. In those cases, you have to prevent eye strain and relieve your eye structures from getting damaged. You can do some simple habits to keep your eyes healthy and prevent from straining. These eye care tips will help to take care of eyes strain.

Wash your Eyes

Washing your eyes in regular interval helps a lot. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that splashing water directly into open eyes is not a good habit. It can damage the eyes. For eyewash, you can use a tridoishic eyewash.  Here is how to make this tridoishic eyewash.

Soak some Triphala churna in water overnight.

Next morning strain the liquid and use this liquid to wash your eyes.

Do it twice a day.

This tridoishic eyewash helps to relax the eyes and relieve stress from eye muscles. It also helps take care of eye strain when done regularly.

Stimulate Eye Muscles

Giving your eye muscles a regular stimulation will help. This technique is quite simple and can be done every morning. Upon waking up, just wash your face with cold water and then fill your mouth with full of water. Close your eyes now and splash some more water onto the eyes. As said earlier, avoid splashing water on open eyes. This will help stimulate the eyes area because of the pressure from the water-filled mouth. Moreover, cold water helps the nerve endings to intensity and thus rejuvenates the skin around the eyes. When you care concerned to take care of eyes strain, make sure to stimulate the eye muscles.

Gently massage the eyes

Massaging the eyes is a great exercise. If you are one who works for long hours in front of computers, this is a must to take care of eyes strain.

To do is, first of all, hold your eyebrows between your index finger and thumb, such that your thumb is above your eyebrow and your index finger is below it.

Now, gently give pressure to your eyebrows and straighten it. Make sure to exert gentle pressure on all the points around the eyebrows. Now, take off your thumb and gently roll around your eyeball, along with the eye socket.

Make sure to do this exercise every three to four hours while working. This will help improve the blood circulation around the eyes.  It also helps relieve the fatigue of constant eye strain due to the computer screen.

Exercise for eyes

Blinking your eyes is an easy exercise for eyes. It helps relieve the eyes from any strain. Also, here is yet another simple exercise for eyeballs.

First of all, Step 1: First rotate your eyeballs to the right and then to the left.

Step 2: Now do the same upwards and then downwards.

Step 3: After that, move it in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

You have to do all the steps for about three to four repetitions.

Palming your eyes

This is an age-old technique most elders do. I myself have seen my grandfather doing it. It was practiced in Ayurveda for a long number of years. Even today’s optometrists identify the benefit of doing palming. To do this, rigorously rub your palms of both hands for few seconds – you can feel the warmth generated between the two palms. Now, close your eyes and gently place the warm palm over the eyes. Hold onto this position for about a minute or until the heat decreases. Now open your eyes slowly. Do not look directly onto bright light after this.

20-20-20 Rule for Eyes

If you are one who strains your eyes with heavy computer-based works, this is for you. The 20-20-20 rule for eyes helps relieve the tiredness of eyes. It is a helpful trick to prevent eye muscle strain. The rule is

For every 20 minutes, look into some object 20 feet away from you for a period of 20 seconds.

While visual problems are induced by a large number of factors, causes of strain and fatigue is one of the most common. These simple eye care tips help to know how to take care of eyes strain. It will definitely keep your eye damage and strain in check. However, if you have any specific concerns, do not wait to meet your professional consultant.


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