Almond Eye Cream

Dark eyes and eye bags can turn out to be a burden for many. It will make you look tired and aged. If you get these at a very young age, it can bane your lives. There are many ways to combat dark circles and eye issues. The beauty industry holds eye creams filled with chemicals. Instead of using those, it is always preferable to do it in a natural way. Here is a simple DIY homemade almonds eye cream.

This eye cream contains the richness of almonds and so helps in solving eye issues. You can feel your eye problems disappear one by one on regular use. This almond eye cream is rich in vitamin E and benefits your skin. Since eyes are tender skin region, using natural remedies will be a healthier option. The milk present in this cream helps in moisturizing the eye area. Lemon has skin lightening properties and benefits to combat dark circles.

Ingredients Required:

Almonds (soaked) – 7-10

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

Milk – 4 tbsp.

  • Soak the almonds overnight and remove the skin of it.
  • You can use either water or milk to soak the almonds.
  • Add required amount of milk and a tbsp. of lemon juice along with the soaked almonds.
  • Mid them in a blender until you get a creamy texture/consistency.
  • You can store it in refrigerator for a week or lesser.
  • Apply this almonds eye cream and gently massage your eye area daily at night.
  • Wash it off in the morning.
  • You can see visible results and a glow in your eyes.

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A Word for Care

  • While there are natural ways to combat eye problems, you can also use beauty eye creams available in the market. Make sure to choose the right one. Wrong creams can harm your eye area, because it is too sensitive than any other.
  • Choose eye creams that contain Vitamin C or K. Also you have to look for alpha hydroxyl in the ingredients list. This will increase the collagen in your eye area and help reduce blemishes.
  • These eye creams will be beneficial only for persons who got temporary eye issues. For those who have genetic problems causing eye problems, it can reduce it only to some extent.
  • You can also use it all over the face to get your skin tone lightened.


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