Do you Know Why Bathing is Important?

Do you know the real reason behind a bathe? Not many. We often think that bathing is all about taking away body impurities. But that is not the real reason for bathing. Maybe, in the modern world – full of pollution – bathing could be essential for removing the impurities. But it was not always the same in ancient times.

Traditionally, bathing was associated with cooling down the body. In the course of time, it got changed with cultures and civilizations, as a ritual. Later on, it became a habit to be done daily for removing body impurities. The corporate world introduced the usage of soaps and other bathing stuff into our bathe routine. Gradually, we became accustomed to the trend.

Why you need to Bathe?

Your body needs its heat to be subsided down or else, it will lead to various complications. Every night our body emits unwanted heat energy that gets trapped within our body. Every morning, it has to be removed from our system. This is why we should not bathe in hot water. While taking oil bathe, we can use mild warm water. Likewise, while bathing, we should not pour cold water directly to our head. This will trap the heat within the body. You need to slowly let out the heat from lower parts and gradually move to the upper parts. This way, our body heat will be let out through our ears. So, make sure to avoid hot water, soaps, shampoos and other stuff for bathing.  Moreover, the best time to bath is before sun rise.

Why Bathing is Important

There are also few other benefits of bathing other than heat elimination. Daily bathing not only keeps you fresh and good, it also keeps you healthy and fit.

  • Bathing reduces muscle tension. When you bathe after exercising, it relaxes the muscles and improves its flexibility.
  • When you have cramps or muscle tensions, you can have a warm water massage onto your affected area after taking a regular bath.
  • Bathing improves blood circulation in the body. Tub bath nourishes the damaged skin cells and increases blood circulation.
  • Bathing also has an effect on body’s immune system. Since the unwanted heat waves from the body are removed in bathing, it reduces diseases.
  • Having cold showers stimulates lymph system and increases body immunity against falling sick often.
  • Bathing also reduces depression and stress levels. Exposure of our body to cold water activates the nervous system. Increased beta-endorphin and noradrenaline levels in blood reduce stress and depression.
  • Cold shower is also known to improve libido by elevating the testosterone hormones in men. On the other hand, hot water showers reduce sperm count in men.
  • Bathing is great to induce sleep. In some people, it cures insomnia and other sleep disorders, by improving the quality of sleep.


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