Tips for Healthy Digestion

The human body performs with a right sync between all the systems in the body. The digestive system is one important part where every other functioning of our body depends on. When there is problem with the digestion, it creates major discomfort. Digestion is considered to be the basis function that transforms food into energy and promotes all metabolic processes in the body. Digestion has a primary role to play with the body’s energy, health and regeneration. So, it is necessary to keep your body digestion at optimal performance. Here we have few tips for healthy digestion based on Ayurveda medicine.

Have warm food

Cool drinks and cold stuff can be fun. But when it comes to healthy foods, warm ones are the best. Usually we take food in hot form. The reason behind it is that warm food promotes good digestion. Moreover, drink warm water while eating food and this will aid digestion. This is because the digestive system has various enzymes that get fired up by the warmth of the food we consume. It is preferable to have warm cooked foods than raw ones as it is easily digestible.

Check your Posture

Your posture while eating has a thing to do with digestion. Usually, in Asian countries, food is served not on tables. This is because while you sit down and bend to eat, you put your stomach muscles to work. Also sitting on your kneels for few minutes after having a meal is really beneficial. This is actually the Vajrasana pose in yoga where you sit on knees with hips on heels. Have a good relaxed posture while eating. Moreover, running or doing heavy exercises after meals is not advisable.


Ginger is a good natural digestion stimulant. It ignites the digestive juices and enzymes in the stomach to help your food get digested easier. This is why ginger is given as a home remedy for indigestion. To get your digestion on track, just add ginger to the food or sprinkle some fresh ginger slices onto your food before a heavy meal. You can also chew it after meal, if you could get on with the pungent smell/taste.

Say NO to Heavy meals 

Each one’s stomach has a capacity to digest. Once you dump your food, it can cause problems with digestion. So, while having meals, keep it moderate and not heavy to your usually routine. The biggest meal can be taken for lunch. Do not indulge in heavy meals at night and also do not have late night meals whatsoever. This can cause stomach problems because of digestive system shutting down soon after you go to bed.


Triphala is a traditional Ayurveda formula that helps in digestion. It is usually comprised of three primary fruits and so the name tri-phala. It helps in balancing your body system by cleansing and detoxing the digestive tract.

You can take 2 Triphala tablets – one hour before going to bed with a glass of warm water.

Cumin Seeds

These tiny seeds are indeed a great remedy for preventing digestive problems. Cumin helps in stimulating pancreatic enzymes and thus aids in digestion.

When you feel heavy stomach, you can drink a glass of buttermilk with ½ tsp. of roasted cumin powder and black pepper. Drink it twice a day for few days.

All of these tips for healthy digestion will make you feel better. Do you have anymore digestion related tips? Share us in the comments.


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