Potato Juice for Skin Care

Potatoes can make a healthy snack but still there are more uses with this vegetable. You can use potatoes for skin care and hair care. Here are few of the recipes in which you can use potato juice for skin care.

Before starting to the recipe, here is a how to make potato juice at home.

How to make potato juice

  • Take a medium sized potato
  • Peel it and cut it into small pieces.
  • Add a cup of water and place it in a blender.
  • Once it is pureed, strain the contents to separate the potato juice

This potato juice for skin care can be used effectively for various skin care treatments.

  1. For reducing dark circles under eyes, you can apply potato juice dipped in cotton balls.
  2. Applying cold potato juice on blemishes can help them fade on regular use.
  3. Cold potato juice can also be applied on skin with sun burnt as it has excellent soothing and cooling properties.
  4. The vitamins in potato juice make your face skin free of wrinkles when applied regularly. It also adds a soft, healthy glow to the face.
  5. Whenever you feel tired, you can rub cotton dipped in the potato juice to refresh yourself.
  6. potato has natural bleaching effect and so it can be used to lighten your skin naturally
  7. A mix of potato juice with olive oil can help in removing crow’s feet, wrinkles and dark circles

Potato Juice for Anti-aging

Potato has the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on face. It also combats skin dryness effectively. This face pack is effective for moisturizing the skin.


Potato juice – 2 tbsp.

Curd – 2 tbsp.

Olive oil – 1 tsp.

  1. Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste.
  2. Apply it on face for 15-20 minutes
  3. Wash it off with cold water.

Skin Lightening Pack

The natural bleaching properties in potato help in lightening the skin tone. Lemon juice is also known for bleaching effects and so works wonders to skin. You can also apply this mixture to dark patches on skin for lightening it.


Potato juice – 2 tbsp.

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.

  1. Mix equal quantities of potato juice and lemon juice.
  2. Apply this on face for 20 minutes and wash off.

Potato Cucumber Eye Serum

The soothing properties of potato and cucumber are effective in cooling down tired, puffy eyes and remove the dark patches.


Potato juice – 2 tbsp.

Cucumber juice – 2 tbsp.

  1. Mix equal parts of potato juice and cucumber juice in a bowl.
  2. Apply the juice on your under eye area.
  3. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash away.

Potato Fuller’s Earth for Flawless Skin

You can use this pack for getting flawless, blemish-free skin tone. It effectively removes greasiness and oil from skin.


Potato juice – 2 tbsp.

Lemon juice- 1 tbsp.

Fuller’s earth – 2 tbsp.

Rose water – few drops (optional)

  1. Mix all the ingredients together to make a paste.
  2. Apply for 20 minutes on skin and rinse off.


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