Sandalwood Vetiver Face Pack for Acne Problem

Do you know you can treat acne problem with some simple natural remedies? Yes, you can. When you go for chemicals, it is possible for the acne to worsen, if the chemical compound doesn’t suit your skin. This is why you always opt for natural ways. Here we have a simple sandalwood vetiver face pack remedy for treating acne problem.

DIY Sandalwood-Vetiver Face Mask

Vetiver is a native Indian root with a scientific name Chrysopogon zizanioides. It is also known as camel grass in English. It has so many beauty benefits, often overlooked. Vetiver has antiseptic properties that effectively prevent acne. Nowadays, you also get Vetiver essential oil, with the same benefits. Sandalwood is also effective for treating acne and acne scars. It helps diminish acne scars in the face. The cooling properties of sandalwood help the soothe the skin problem.


Vetiver – a bunch

Sandalwood bark or powder

Vetiver Essential Oil – few drops

  1.  First of all, soak some dried Vetiver in water overnight.
  2. Now take a sandalwood bark or sandalwood powder to make a paste. If you are using sandalwood bark, use the Vetiver water to form the paste. When using sandalwood powder, add the Vetiver water to make the paste.
  3. If you have Vetiver essential oil, add some drops to this paste.
  4. Apply this face mask on the affected area.
  5. Wash it off when it dries.

Since sandalwood can be drying to some skin types, use a moisturizer like an Aloe Vera gel, after the pack. Do this routine continuously for best results.

Every home remedy requires some patience. You have to continuously work on it even for months together, to get the benefits visually seen. This sandalwood-Vetiver face mask helps in treating acne problems from the root of it, perhaps without any side effects.


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