Tricks for Keeping the House Cool in Summer

No doubt it’s hot out. The summer weather makes everything hot. As the temperature rises, your house is sure to let the heat in, making living place hotter than ever. Keeping the house cool in summer is possible in various ways, apart from coolers and air-conditioners. Even though it would be tempting to turn on the AC, it is not possible to stay forever locked in a single room. There are several ways in which you can keep your entire home out of heat, with few possible tricks.

Here are few of the simple ways you can follow for Keeping the House Cool in Summer.

  • Keep all your window blinds closed. So that, any direct rays of sun could not penetrate in. usually, the south and west-faced windows lets unwanted heat to come in, making you indoor temperature rise. You can make the best use of shades, curtains, and all the more to keep them closed.
  • While closing the windows in the hottest time of the day is a good option, so is it the right opposite at night. Crack open your windows at night, if your place has cool air during night time. But make sure to close it right before in morning.
  • Keep all your AC-rooms closed so that cool air does not spread away from it.
  • Use a fan to cool your room. It’s a simple trick. Keep a bowl full of ice in front of your fan at an angle where the air whips off. You can also use this trick for table fans. Trust us. This will do a magic. However, this would be beneficial for small rooms and not for large living rooms.
  • Additionally, you can also pour some water into your room and then switch on the fans and close the doors and windows before going to sleep. The air circulation from the fan touches the evaporating water and keeps your room cooler.
  • If you have an open terrace about your ceiling, try this trick. You can pour lots of water in the terrace in evening times to reduce the daytime heat to enter the house through ceiling.
  • Exhaust fans can help pull out the hot air from home. Either you have it at your bathroom, or kitchen, switch it on to relive some hot air out.
  • You can use insulated window films or ceilings for keep house cool for summer seasons. A little investment can benefit for a longer term.
  • Planning trees or vines in front of light-facing windows can help a lot in trapping sunlight getting into the house.

So, make sure to try out these tips and do the best to keep off heat at home this summer.


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