Ways to Reduce Body Heat During Summer – Slideshow

As the temperature rises, there is possibility of body getting warmed up. In those times, it is quite a task to keep the body hydrated and balanced in functioning. Here are few of the ways you can reduce body heat during summer times. You can use these tips to maintain your body temperature.
  1. Water is the best remedy to reduce body dehydration. You can drink cool water frequently and also use flavored water for satisfying your taste buds from the bland taste of normal water.
  2. Coconut water will also be an effective way to reduce body heat.
  3. Mint leaves and buttermilk will reduce body heat.
  4. Cook with Olive Oil.
  5. Intaking lots of water-rich fruits and veggies like water-melons, cucumber, radish, musk melon, etc., can be beneficial.
  6. Add a spoonful of butter to milk while drinking it.
  7. Cardamom tea and milk is effective.
  8. You can soak basil seeds in water overnight and drink it.
  9. Drink a glass of gooseberry juice daily.
  10. Drink Lemonades.
  11. Apply sandalwood and rosewater on the body.
  12. Applying coconut oil all over the body can reduce heat.
  13. Soak your feet in water to reduce the weariness due to heat.
 All of these tips can bring effective results to get rid of heat problems. If you have known more, share us in the comments.


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