Ways to Deal with Depression

Depression can be identified as feelings of severe dejection and despondency. Usually prolonged stress can lead to depression; while further depression leads to anxiety and other psychological disorders. Depression can occur because of emotional and mental reaction to trauma, sudden loss, and life problems. However, when this intense sadness lasts for more than many weeks to months, hindering your routine functions, you have to find ways to deal with depression. Here are few natural ways in which you can overcome depression.

Depressed feelings are often accompanied with hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, and helpless emotions. The road to recovery is a complicated one. It differs from person to person depending on various factors.

Supportive Relationship

The first step to overcome depression is to cultivate good relationships around you. It could be friends, spouse, family, or any supportive person. However, it will always be hard to reach out. Know that you need help and asking for help is not a weakness. Look out for persons who love you and care for you.

Vent out your Feelings

Make sure to talk to someone about your problems. Face to face conversation is always the best.  If you are hesitant to talk or your problem is too sensitive to be shared, you can vent out your feelings through writing. Keep a journal to express your deep feelings. It would be an efficient way. However, you can also get professional help, if needed.

Keep yourself Socially Active

It is common during depression to be aloof. But don’t do it. Even if you do not feel like taking to anyone or going out, do it anyway. It will eventually make you feel better.

Keep your Routine

Being depressed can make you lethargic from doing anything. However, do your routine tasks and keep up a healthy lifestyle. This will help you get focused into something other than your problems. Moreover, start a new routine like meditation, yoga, or physical exercises.

Eat Healthy

Diet can help you combat depression. Having a healthy diet of veggies and fruits will help. Overeating is common during depression times and make sure to control it to minimum. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid would ease depression. Add good amounts of salmon, tuna, avocado, and spinach in your diet.

Have enough Sleep

Sleeplessness is one symptom of depression. Having too little sleep will certainly worsen your depression. Shut your eyes and do whatever is necessary to get your sleep. Take off any distractions, hear soft music, or hug your child.

Challenge your Negativity and Weakness

Negative thoughts are common in depression. Particularly feelings of helplessness, feelings of abuse and suicidal thoughts can hinder your routine. Make sure to challenge them. This would be the hardest of all but worth it. Once you overcome these negative thoughts, it would be easier to alleviate depression.

Following some or all of these ways to deal with depression can help you in overcoming it. If there are consistent problems of depression, and severe suicidal thoughts, it is good to consult a profession for help. Ignoring severe symptoms of depression can cause more trouble to your mental health.


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