Benefits and Risks of Drinking Coffee

No doubt coffee is a refreshing drink. It helps boost your energy levels to optimum. However, there are yet other facts about the possible adverse effects of drinking coffee. Commoners keep weighing the benefits and risks of coffee drinking. So, millions of coffee lovers are speculating this issue with drinking coffee.  So, is coffee really good for you? The answer is both yes and no.

There are lots of research going on about coffee and its benefits. Undoubtedly, coffee is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. So what could be the real nutritional benefits of drinking coffee?

Benefits of Drinking Coffee
  • Coffee contains high amounts of antioxidants than any other drink. This helps in fighting toxicity in the body and slows down the ageing process.
  • Coffee stimulates the liver by increasing the blood circulation in the body. It also provides protection against various liver diseases.
  • Coffee helps improve physical performance and boosts energy. It improves oxygen capacity in the body and stimulates mental and physical activities.
  • Coffee helps increase the blood flow to the brain, and thus supports cognitive functions. Coffee and caffeine consumption is a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. It also protects against memory impairment.

Even after knowing the benefits of coffee, there is surely a skeptical thought about the risks accompanied with drinking coffee. Find out what could be causing the negative effects on drinking coffee.

Risks of Drinking Coffee
  • Too much consumption of coffee leads to addictive effects. Moreover, this caffeine overdose in the body is sure to over stimulate your system, and particularly the adrenal glands. Increased caffeine intake can led to anxiety, irritability, headaches, fatigue, and even digestive problems for many.
  • Studies show coffee altering the mood and increasing anxiety levels in the body. Since caffeine has the ability to impact body hormones and muscles, it affects neurotransmitters functioning and nerve signaling in the body.

So, do the benefits outweigh the adverse effects? Not always. The effects of coffee are solely dependent on the person’s health condition and individual body’s ability to process caffeine. If you have conditions that worsen the effects of caffeine, the coffee consumption is a big no. but if your body processes the caffeine consumption effectively, then there is no worries drinking this refreshing beverage.

Actually, the best time to drink coffee is in the morning as your body will have enough time to process the caffeine in it. If you drink evening or later part of the day, you are sure to experience its impact on your sleep cycle. It is good to opt for natural and organic coffee. If you are still skeptical of the coffee benefits and risks, you can alternatively go for herbal teas. Whatever the choice, be attentive to your body symptoms and consume beverages accordingly. This way, you can reduce the negative impact and stay healthy.


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