Aavarampoo/Avaram Senna Health Benefits

Aavarampoo Benefits HealthAavarampoo or Avaram Senna is a flowering shrub with yellow colored flowers. It is also known as Tanner’s Cassia in English. It has the ability to cure so many common problems, such as constipation, diabetes, and promotes overall health. Know some of the ways in which Avaram Senna benefits health and skin care. It can be consumed as a tea or herbal infusion.

Right from ancient times, herbs like Avaram Senna or Aavarampoo are used for medicinal treatments. Since the flower blossoms throughout the year, it could be collected very easily. That too, in tropical Asian countries like India, the plant is readily available everywhere.

Health Benefits of Avaram Senna or Aavarampoo

  • The Aavarampoo herbal tea can be used as an alternative for caffeinated beverages.
  • It contains rich antioxidant that purifies the blood and keeps you healthy.
  • The cooling effect of Aavarampoo reduces body heat. This is why it was carried by travellers on their heads to reduce sun strokes.
  • It also has hydrating properties that prevents body dehydration.  It quenches excessive thirst problem.
  • Aavarampoo is a good remedy for diabetic patients. It helps regular blood sugar levels. It also boosts insulin levels. Make sure to have a check at insulin levels if you are a diabetic patient consuming Aavarampoo daily as it can drop the insulin levels considerably.

Mix Aavarampoo powders with honey and intake it regularly to regulate diabetics.

  • During times of fever and cold, Aavarampoo is a great remedy for children and old people. It is free of toxins and chemicals.
  • Aavarampoo juice is used for treating urinary tract infections.
  • It also improves liver function and treats kidney malfunctions.
  • It is good home remedy for constipation problem, as it acts as a natural laxative. Is also cures gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Aavarampoo helps regulate menstrual cycle in women. Drinking Aavarampoo water soothes menstrual cramps and abdomen pain.

Beauty benefits of Avaram Senna or Aavarampoo

  • The flower is dried and ground to powder form. This Aavarampoo powder is used for skin care application. It helps even out the skin tone and prevents black spots or blemishes. It also improves complexion when used regularly.

You can mix Aavarampoo powder with face wash or curd and apply on face.

  • The flower has a good fragrance and can be used to eradicate body odor problems.
  • It also aids in maintaining the body temperature when it is consumed as a tea. It also has skin whitening properties which would help to whiten your skin tone!!
  • Aavarampoo has strong antibacterial properties and prevents skin infections and sunburns.

You can make a face pack with Aavarampoo, gram flour and rose water for getting glowing skin.

So, next time, when you stumble upon this Avaram Senna along the roadsides, never miss it to take it home. Find amazing results after using it regularly.


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