How to Remove Warts with Essential Oils

Among so many skin problems, warts are quite disgusting one. Though not as common as skin tags or acne, this can be really an aversive problem. So what are warts actually? Warts are small, but hard, benign growth on the surface of the skin, caused by a virus. The common places where warts appear on skin are on fingers, elbows, hands, knee area and legs. It is usually found in skin areas that are likely to be broken. Broken skin becomes the entry point for the virus to develop. Warts are formed once the virus infects the areas of skin. There are several ways in which we can get rid of these warts. Check out below how to remove warts with essential oils.

Dermatologists are still speculating the reason why warts are more susceptible to some people than others. Moreover, children and those with lesser immune defenses can get warts by touch. It is possible to get infected from someone else’s body skin or wart infected items like towel. In cases of wart infection, you can go to a dermatologist to have it removed, but it can be a costly option. Instead, just try out this DIY wart remover right from home with essential oils!

Warts Removal Oil


Apple cider vinegar – ½ tsp.

Coconut oil – ½ tsp.

Oregano essential oil – 1 drop

Frankincense essential oil – 2 drops

Lemon essential oil – 2 drops


  • Take a clean dish and mix the apple cider vinegar along with essential oils of oregano and frankincense.
  • Blend them well. Now add some lemon essential oil and blend again.
  • Add ½ teaspoon of coconut oil and mix well until all the ingredients are blended together.

The Wart remover with essential oil is ready to use.

How to Use the Wart Remover

  1. Cleanse the area affected with wart with soap or a cleanser.
  2. Use a clean cotton ball to soak into the mixture.
  3. Apply it gently to the area.
  4. Now cover the skin area with a large bandage.

You have to apply this wart remover remedy twice a day. Probably morning and night, until the wart is completely cured.


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