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Health Benefits of Ginger Tea 2

Ginger Tea – Healthy Herbal Drink

In traditional Ayurveda, ginger is an important ingredient. This spicy, pungent aromatic root stands out in traditional and Western healing systems for its medicinal properties. Researchers have found that ginger contains volatile oils and...

Health Benefits of Avocado Oil 0

Proven Benefits of Avocado Oil

The avocado is quite a not-so-common fruit. Unlike other fruits that have carbohydrate, avocado has rich healthy fats, which if often used for oil produce. Avocado oil is edible one and is used for...

Is Goat Milk Healthier than Cow Milk 0

Is Goat Milk Healthier than Cow Milk

While Cow’s milk is a common daily drink, there several health problems associated with it. Organic cow’s milk is healthier; but the growth hormones, GMO feed, vaccinations and antibiotics exposed to cows bring negative...