Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds

Scientifically known as Sesamun indicum, sesame seeds are exceptionally healthiest food. The nutty sesame seeds are almost invisible tiny ones with rich nutritional benefits. They are a good old ancient condiment in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Sesame seeds are valued for their rancidity resistant oil. Sesame seeds come in two varieties – white and black. The black sesame seeds are considered more powerful. Both sesame seeds have enough health-promoting benefits. The Chinese tradition highly values black sesame seeds for its anti-ageing benefits. The benefits of sesame seeds are many. Know more about the health secrets of these sesame seeds, and find ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Benefits of Sesame seeds

  •  The nutrients in black sesame seeds is believed to balance the bodily deficiency that brings aging. It also clears away the bodily changes caused by stress and anxiety, which leads to aging symptoms such as graying of hair, blurred vision and hearing loss. Traditionally in Asian countries, black sesame seeds were consumed on a regular basis to fight the signs of aging.
  •  The sesame seeds are rich in iron and B vitamins, which attributes to anti-aging benefits.
  • Sesame seeds contain abundant calcium and zinc, which aid in healthier bones and skin. They keep your bones strong and help ward off osteoporosis.
  • The presence of vitamin E in sesame seeds provide the body with needed nutrients for a healthy skin. Thus, you get strong and beautiful, despite the signs of aging.
  • Sesame seeds are good for heart health. These seeds are rich in sesamin and sesamolin, a compound that helps lower cholesterol levels. Sesame seeds also contain magnesium that reduces blood pressure. This way, you get healthier arteries and good better heart health.
  • The presence of sesamin in sesame seeds acts as a protector for liver and aids in body’s detoxification process. It helps protect against liver diseases and even cancer.
  • Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, antioxidant compounds like lignans and phytochemicals like phytosterol.
  • These seeds provide relief for constipation problems and indigestion. Black sesame seeds oil helps lubricate the intestines, while the fiber in it adds roughage to the bowel contents. Moreover, the seeds also help clear up worms in the intestinal tract, and improve digestion.
  • Sesame seeds are a great lactation aid. It helps nursing moms to improve breast-milk supply. Black sesame seeds are loaded with nutrients, such as proteins, B vitamins, unsaturated fats, copper, zinc, and calcium.

Consuming Black Sesame Seeds can be used liberally on cereals, noodles and even rice. These seeds add a nutty flavor to smoothies and yoghurt. You can also grind these seeds or soak them overnight to make it more digestible. This overnight soaking aids in absorption of calcium and minerals in it and also reduces the effects of oxalic acid found in it.



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