Bhringraj Oil Benefits

Bhringraj Oil Benefits

Bhringraj Oil is an Ayurveda formulation used for treating several hair problems. It is one of the common recommendations for hair disorders by Ayurveda practitioners. You can know more about how to use fresh bhringraj for hair care in our earlier post. Bhringraj benefits are many and it helps treat hair problems such as hair fall, gray hair issue prevents hair damage and baldness as well as promotes hair growth. Moreover, it is also effective for other reasons such as treating headache, mental weakness, and for boosting memory. Bhringraj Oil benefits are not limited to hair care alone and its effects are many.

Bhringraj extract is used in formulation of bhringraj oil. This ingredient is the reason for the therapeutic effect on hair problems. The medicinal properties of this oil include antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress qualities. These healing properties are the reason for bhringraj oil benefits to be highly regarded. It is one of the widely sought-after hair oil formulations. But getting the organic pure bhringraj oil remains questionable in this commercial world.

Bhringraj Oil Benefits

  • Bhringraj Oil helps in restoring the hair’s natural color while strengthening it from the roots.
  • Regular use of Bhringraj Oil on scalp increases blood circulation and provides proper nourishment.

Gently massage of this hair oil daily reduces hair fall problem considerably.

  • Bhringraj Oil is also effective in treating scalp itching and smelly hair/scalp problems. The anti-inflammation properties benefits in treating scalp itchiness.
  • The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of bhringraj oil treats dandruff and other scalp infections effectively. Skin flaking is common on dry scalps and bhringraj oil treats this problem.

A daily massage of 5-10 minutes with bhringraj oil eradicate these scalp problems. You can use it daily until the problem gets treated and then use it 2-3 times a week, alongside your regular hair oil.

  • Bhringraj oil helps in premature graying of hair. However, this is a long-term application process and needs around 6 months of regular use to see the results.
  • Bhringraj oil is effective in promoting hair growth. It also reduces hair thinning and broken hair problem.
  • The Anti-stress properties of bhringraj oil induce relaxation to the body and mind. Gentle massaging with Bhringraj Hair Oil provides calming effect to the brain. It also induces coolness feeling on the head, thus, treating headache.

Bhringraj oil is even good for eyesight. Placing 2 drops of pure bhringraj oil on nostrils every morning improves vision.

Direction for Use of Bhringraj Oil

  1. Warm some Bhringraj oil.
  2. With clean hands, take the lukewarm Bhringraj Oil and apply on roots of hair.
  3. A small amount will be enough for every application. Do not overdo it.
  4. Gently massage the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help in increasing the oil absorption on scalp.
  5. This has to be done on regular basis, if needed replace your regular hair oil.

A Word for Care

  • While massaging, lukewarm Bhringraj oil should be used on hair and scalp.
  • Choose organic bhringraj oil from right stores to avoid false claims.
  • Bhringraj oil is completely safe to be used on regular basis.

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