Benefits of Soy Milk

For those who have lactose intolerance, soy milk is an excellent alternative. Soy Milk is usually prepared by soaking and grinding soy beans and thereafter extracting its milk. You can do the tedious process at home or simply use the store-bought milk. Soy milk is a nutritious drink as it is high in fatty acids and proteins. Moreover, soy milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This is why soy milk provides the needed energy for body functioning. With all these essential nutrients, soy milk benefits the health in various ways. Here are few of the benefits of soy milk.

Benefits of Soy Milk

There are several health benefits acquired by drinking soy milk.

  • Soy milk contains vegetable proteins and thus is beneficial for body calcium absorption. Unlike the dairy products milk, it causes less calcium loss in the body.
  • It is low in saturated fats and has high protein, which prevents cardiovascular problems.
  • Soy milk is safe for people with Type 2 diabetes, because of low glycemic index.
  • It also is helpful to eliminate PMS problems in women.
  • It promotes weight loss because of low fat content.
  • Soy milk lowers the risk of osteoporosis, compared to diet rich animal protein milk.
  • The health compounds present in soy milk is particularly helpful for men’s health. It has high contents of isofavones and saturated fats that help in treating various health conditions in men.
  • Soy milk provides the needed nutritional supplements for the body.
  • Usually soy milk is a great option for people looking for dairy-free products. Even some vegans drink it because it’s a no-animal product.

Soy milk is also used to prepare other products like soy cheese, soy yoghurt, soy sour cream, frozen soy milk desserts and more.

How to make soy milk at home

Soy milk is made from soybeans or full-fat soy flour. The dried soybeans are soaked in water overnight or for at least 3 hours. The soaked beans has to be wet grinded until you extract the milk from it. On wet grinding you get the solids content to the final product.


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