Bhuta Shuddhi – Yoga Training – Noida 2016

Bhuta Shuddhi - Yoga Practicing Yoga has more mental rewards than physical benefits. It is actually the way of connecting physical activity with mental awareness in the spiritual realm. After all, yoga is attaining harmony between all the three – body, mind, and spirit. The benefits of doing yoga are umpteen, hence it is so important to train your body to this power of prana and manifest physical sensations in a holistic way.

What is Bhuta Shuddhi?

This system of yoga, called Bhuta Shuddhi, is the ultimate cleansing of human body towards ultimate wellbeing. Literally, Bhuta means ‘the five elements’ or ‘panja bhutas’ in Sanskrit, and Shuddhi means ‘cleansing’. Bhuta Shuddhi is all about inner purification, via cleansing the five elements – earth, water, wind, fire, and space. These five elements form the basis for universal creation, including the physical human body. The purification of these five fundamental elements within the human system promotes the wellbeing of the mind and body. The purification of these elements is the underlying process for every other yogic practice. Either it is an asana, pranayama, or a kriya, the procedure is basically drawn from the process of Bhuta Shuddhi.

Bhuta Shuddhi is simple yet powerful. It allows one’s body to cleanse and prepare for more powerful sadhanas. The process of Bhuta Shuddhi is offered as a part of Isha Hatha school of Yoga programs.

To know more about the Bhuta Shuddhi Program, read ahead.

How Bhuta Shuddhi benefits Wellbeing?

According to yogic science, the body’s composition of these five elements determines just about everything. Since the five elements are the key to wellbeing, organizing them properly and keeping them within oneself brings a huge difference. With Bhuta Shuddhi, you do not only achieve health and wellbeing, but also enlightenment, perception, knowing, and everything. If only we learn how to master these five elements and keep them organized properly, we can master over our body, our mind, and even the entire creation.

Bhuta Shuddhi means freeing yourself from the contamination of these five elements. In simple words, human beings move between their physiological and psychological processes, completely missing out their existential nature of being. Bhuta Shuddhi purifies the five elements within the one’s self and allows them to differentiate between the physical, the psychological, and the existential realm.

Benefits of Bhuta Shuddhi

Bhuta Shuddhi has to be happening with a deep sense of devotion and involvement. The mind, the body, the emotions, the physical energy, and everything should involve actively. Only then, you may experience the physical benefits. However, the entire depth and dimension of the process is something so complex to contemplate. Bhuta Shuddhi helps

– Keeps the body system in right harmony and balance

– Prepares the body system for handling powerful states of energy

– Enhances the physical and mental capabilities of the body along with the energy system.

– Creates the foundation for gaining mastery over the human system through mastery of the five elements.

– Increases body energy and health

– Enhances mental clarity, and heightens memory and focus.

– Develops a deep state of joy and peacefulness.

Information about the Bhuta Shuddhi Event

The Isha Hatha School of Yoga delivers a training event for Bhuta Shuddhi along with other Yogasanas. It provides yoga workshops for Surya Kriya, Angamardana, and Yogasanas in its full depth and dimension. Sadhguru’s vision is to revive the ancient yogic science in all its purity and make it available for each and every individual. The Yoga school conducts various training programs in periodic intervals and this year programs are conducted in November. Check out more details below.

The Bhuta Shuddhi and other Yogasana programs from Isha Hatha is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested. If you wish to benefit from this esoteric yogic science, join the event by registering for it.

How to Register for the Event?

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