Breakfast Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

Breakfast is the crucial meal of the day. Not many know that skipping a breakfast is not a good idea. Commonly, people tend to skip or reduce their breakfast meal for various reasons, including weight loss. However, having good breakfast habits is the way to healthier life. Your breakfast is the first diet of the day, and it has to be filled with all the essential nutrients. Moreover, your breakfast plays a major role is deciding the nutrient intake for the entire day.  Following good breakfast habits for healthy lifestyle makes you feel energetic. We make various mistakes while taking our breakfast every day. Here are a common ways you can make your breakfast habits lead to healthier lifestyle.

Why is Breakfast Important?

Before knowing the healthy breakfast habits, have some knowledge about what breakfast is and what it does to your body.

  • Good breakfast will keep your mood good for the entire day.
  • Keep in mind that breakfast fills your stomach that has been empty for 8 hours.
  • In children, skipping breakfast can damage the physical and intellectual development.
  • Breakfast offers the essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day.
  • Having balanced breakfast maintains body weight. An average person should have five meals a day.

Breakfast Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

Since breakfast seems to be a crucial meal for grooming health, it is important to have consistent, timely, and balanced diet. When it comes to breakfast ideas, there are necessarily several dos and don’ts to follow. It will surely do magic to your health. Here we have few breakfast habits for healthy lifestyle that when followed will keep you energized throughout the day.

Say a big ‘NO’ to Acidic foods

Sugar, processed foods, fish, and dairy products are highly acidic and tend to cause damage to your health when taken for breakfast. Not many are aware that Alkaline foods are good for breakfast. Most of the fruits are alkaline in nature. It would be best to start a day with a cup of lemon water or orange juice. You can also try to have green or white tea with apples.

Take enough Whole Grains

Whole grains are filled with fiber and guarantee good health and appetite. Cereals and whole-grain breads have fiber-rich carbohydrates that could give enough energy to your day.  Almonds, oatmeal, quinoa are best for breakfast.

Include ample lean protein

Eating refined carbohydrates can increase your food craving during the day. Instead, you have to focus on taking lean proteins from foods like eggs and low-fat yoghurt. These will keep your blood sugar in balance. You will also feel fuller the whole day.

Avoid Sugary or Salty foods

Though you might get tempted for tasting a piece of cake slice or jam roll, it is not good. Do not combine sugar or salty foods together for your breakfast. It will make your stomach suffer as your sugar gets digested easily but the salty food remains in stomach, making you feel bloated.

Hydrate well

Apart from savoring your taste buds, you have to keep yourself hydrated with healthy drinks. This will help in removing the body toxins out of your system. A well-hydrated breakfast will cleanse your inner organs, especially kidneys. It is essential that you take at least full glasses of water for breakfast. You can also have fruits and vegetable juice that are nutritional and satisfies your appetite.


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