Carrots and Skin – a Perfect Health Combo

Carrots – the word reminds us of the beautiful orangy veggie, and of course, not to mention the cartoony Bugs Bunny. Everyone loves carrots, and so does Bunny and me. Not only for the sweet and fresh taste, but there is lot more in it when it comes to health benefit.

Carrot or Botanically named Daucus carota, is a common locally grown root vegetable, that is available throughout the year. It has fern-like leaves and the roots hold the vegetable. This is one among the super tasty vegetable that can be consumed by people of all ages – right from a one-year-old child to hundred-year aged elder. This nutritious veggie has been a part of healthy food routine for centuries. There are also evidences about carrot being cultivated by the Ancient Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. Though carrots are commonly seen in perky orange color, there are also other varieties ranging from pink, black, red, yellow or even white in color. The common orange carrot has reportedly been emerged after the fifth century only.

In today’s kitchens, carrots are used sparingly in one and all recipes. Other than the sweetly flavor, the orange hue imparts a favorable delight to the dishes and that is why carrots are predominantly used for decorating and vegetable carving.  A habit of drinking carrot juice everyday can be a great boost for healthy life.

So, what makes carrots a nutritious veggie? Carrots are rich in beta carotene, vitamins and potassium. Beta-carotene is one substance that has to be obtained only through diet, as the body cannot manufacture it on its own. It is no surprise that the word ‘carrot’ was derived from one of its nutrients, ‘carotene’. Coming to the health benefits of carrots, here goes a list.

  • Carrots are so good for eyes, as it contains very high Vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for eyesight.
  • Carrots help in improving the body immunity and controls heart diseases
  • Carrots help in cleansing the liver The Beta-carotene present in the carrots is converted into Vitamin A in the liver.
  • Carrots are known for protecting human body from ultraviolet radiation.
  • It is also used as a poultice for medicinal purposes to prevent any kind of infection in cuts and scrapes. It also aids in blood clotting.
  • Since carrots contain the carotenoid pigment, it imparts a natural glow and even tone to the skin. The Phosphorus present in it helps maintain youthful skin.
  • It is also an effective home remedy for colon cleansing and detoxification. It also cleanses the liver, thereby regulating bile production.
  • Carrots aid in weight loss and you can find no diet without carrot juices in it.
  • The calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus present in carrots helps building strong bones and for a healthy nervous system.
  • Carrots are also said to have been effective in reducing cholesterol levels, as it aids reduction of body fat.
  • Potassium and other components in carrots help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, and thus reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Carrot juice assists in body protein building process and also helps calcium uptake.

Having innumerable benefits, carrots are sure to get you all the necessary nutrients and minerals for the body. Intake of carrots as salads or juice would help a lot in improving your health benefits. To top it all, carrots are indeed a naturally available food that is both healthy and tasty. Not an easy combo to find in nature. Reap the best benefits of carrots this summer!


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