Why Walking is the best Exercise?

There is nothing better than walking. Not many knew the effectiveness of walking for health. Walking is a low intensity workout that can be done by one and all of every age. It allows you to burn fat faster without heavy exercising on body.  Walking benefits are versatile. It burns calories, relaxes, increases body perspiration, and improves your emotional and mental health.


Walking is for health

It is a common belief that walking is meant for weight loss. I have seen many people asking why you go for walking when you are in the right weight. They do not understand that walking is not about weight loss but fitness. This tendency among people is what making many overlooks the real walking benefits. Weight loss through walking is just one of the benefits. There is lot more for health.

Normal walking never equals exercise walking

There is yet another belief about comparing normal walking to exercise walking. I have seen many saying they walk in their house more than other do through walking for an hour. They do not understand the difference between walking for locomotion purpose and exercise walking. Both are never equal. Normal walking does not have the right posture or deliberation about health. While normal walking, you pay more attention to your work but during exercise walking, you focus solely on your health and body.  Moreover, during normal walking you will be lethargic and do not get the enough briskness as in exercise walking. This is why we need to first understand that exercising walking for at least 45 mins to one hour is essential for health.

Walking posture is important

The posture in which you walk determines the effectiveness of it. If you practice a wrong posture, you are sure to burden your joints and cause risk of injury in the long run. Moreover, your balance of weight has to be distributed rightly to both of the legs. If not, it could cause skeletal muscle in legs to get affected.  Here is what you need to do for good posture during walking.

  • You have to loosen your shoulders,
  • Straighten the back out
  • Look forward with head straight
  • Adjust in such a way that your weight is evenly distributed to both legs.
  • Keep the chin inward
  • Avoid bending back.
  • Wear the right shoes will make a difference. Avoid high heeled shoes.

Benefits of Walking

Walking has so many benefits other than weight loss.

  1. Walking burns fat quickly. You must walk at least more than 20 minutes as the fat-burning process starts only after that. That is, if you are walking for 30 minutes, you are burning fat for 10 minutes.
  2. Do you know walking has an effect on skin as well? Regular walking will improve blood circulation and make you look youthful.
  3. Walking is great even for people with cardiac problems. It strengthens your heart. Walking lowers the level of bad cholesterol and so reduces risk of stroke and other heart diseases.
  4. It boosts up your immunity and is good for type 2 diabetes as well.
  5. Walking in morning time boosts vitamin D production in the body.
  6. Walking tones your legs and lifts your bums, giving you a right posture.
  7. Walking alleviates stress and boost up your mood.
  8. Enough perspiration from your body will help in flushing out the toxins.
  9. If you are doing exercise walking for weight loss, make sure to stretch your body and warm-up before walking. This will help in increasing your fat-burning session.


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