Hair Health Habits to Reduce Hair Fall

Hair Health Habits to Reduce Hair FallThere are so many reasons for hair loss. In spite of that, we have as many as home remedies as well. Even we had posted earlier about Beetroot hair mask for hair loss, garlic shampoo for hair loss treatment, Bhringraj for hair care, and also about foods to prevent hair fall. Apart from all these things, there are some good habits that would benefit your hair well. Here we have few hair health habits that help in reducing hair fall and related problems. These habits truly promote good hair health and prevent your locks from falling out.

Be Gentle to Your Hair

Your hair is truly valuable. You need to seriously take care of it. You never get new follicles forming in your lifetime, so your fallen hair and damaged hair follicles are forever issue. So, mind to protect your hair and scalp to always have a pretty look of your desire. Show some mercy on your hair. Be gentle to it. So not expose it to constant heating or blow-drying. Use a detangler to take off the tangles smoothly. Slowly brush your hair for good. Do not use harsh chemical filled hair dyes even when you start getting few grey hairs.

Have a Healthy Diet

Diet is an important part of hair health. You can never expect your hair to be healthy and strong by having processed/ fast foods. Take lots of good vegetables and fruits that have enough nutrients. Always opt for healthy organic foods.

Do not Over-stylize

Styling is fine. It will accentuate your looks amazingly. But be aware about the hair damage it does. Do not over-stylize your hair. It might be harmful because of the chemicals. Use a good heat protectant spray. While doing tight ponytails or plaits, do not harm your hair with hard, complicated styles. Both flat irons and curl rollers are great.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Have a habit of washing your hair regularly. Use a mild shampoo to stay clean and bouncy. This will keep you away from any dirt or infections. Use the right technique to shampoo your hair. Do not rub vigorously with your hair towel after washing. The wet strands will break off easily because of that.

Sleep Well

Sleep is an essential part for body health. Similar it is for hair too. Hit your pillows right before 11. Believe it or not, you can find good difference to your hair after following this sleep routine. Sound sleep reduces stress and restores health.

Do Regular Exercises

Exercises maintain good health hygiene. Once you start your workout, you can experience some good relief for body and mind. Perspiration from your body reduces stress. Moreover, regular exercise routine improves your blood circulation, which is essential for good hair health.

Relieve from Stress – Meditate

Stress is always bad for hair. Whenever you are worried about your hair loss, you are sure to experience more hair fall. This is because of the stress in your mind that affects your hair. In order to relieve from stress, Meditation is important. Practice regular meditation and yoga exercises. It is an apt health-promoting technique and is stress-reducing exercise too.

Essential Oils Massage

Good massage always promotes healthy hair. Massaging helps in improving blood circulation in your scalp. This promotes good hair growth. It is preferable to use coconut oil or almond oil for a complete hair massaging. You can also use any essential oil mixed with carrier oil for hair treatments.

Drink lots of Water

Keeping your body hydrated is important, not only for body health, but also for hair health.  Adequate water intake will restore the hair moisture and improve blood circulation. Moreover, since water cleanses the body toxins, it promotes healthy hair.

So, do not fret when you get hair loss. It is not inevitable. You can take the right approach towards it and see the benefits. Follow these simple hair health habits to banish your hair problems forever.


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