Natural Ways to Combat PMS Problems

Month to month, every women experience the onset of their menstruation period. The premenstrual symptoms or PMS is quite a discomfort for many. Some go for painkillers or pills that reduce these symptoms. However, these could be temporary covering of the problem and not the actual curing itself. Using pills just mask the PMS symptoms. It is important to cleanse out the body toxins to provide relief to the problem. Since Menstruation itself is a natural cleansing process in women’s body, the pain and discomfort accompanied with it shows a problem within the cleansing process. Which means, the body is toxic and needs natural methods to be cleansed. You can follow few simple habits and food regulations for alleviating PMS problems.

Take a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy organic diet is a must for women of all ages. You need to have a balanced diet that will combat the discomfort and pain during the PMS. Do some healthy changes to your diet.

Consuming lots of processed or sugary foods, red meat, as well as stressful days can have its impact on your PMS. Processed foods have high sodium content and should be avoided.

Sugary snacks can spike your blood sugar levels, making you feel tired and irritable.

Avoid carbonated drinks, coffee, sugar, soy, white flour, and alcohol consumption.

Try to eat more of whole grains, sprouts, raw nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink more water. This will help in flushing out the ‘salt’ through urination. It also prevents bloating. It is advisable to have 8 glasses (2 ltr) of water a day.

Reduce salty foods throughout the month. Especially before the week of your period, avoid it to reduce your body fluid retention and bloating.

Eat foods rich in fiber. This is because high-fiber diet can escort surplus estrogen from your body.

Mineral/Vitamin Supplement

Taking calcium supplement can reduce PMS problems such as headaches and mood swings. It also relaxes muscle cramps. You  can take around 1,200 mg of calcium at bedtime.

Adding around 800g of magnesium can work with calcium to control your muscular activity.

Vitamin B6 is also an essential for combating PMS problems. It reduces depression and irritability, by increasing your body’s mood-regulating compound, Serotonin.

Having the right food diet and mineral supplements can ease your PMS problems. Since hormones play a vital role in PMS, it is important to have a balance of your body hormones. Any hormonal imbalance can increase your PMS problems.


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