9 Best Fat-Burning Foods

Everyone is apprehensive of excess fat in the body. Burning the accumulated fat in the body is quite harder. But there are few fat-burning foods that aid the process. Once you start eating these foods, you can definitely see your waistline winnowed. It helps in building muscle and promotes the fat-burning process by using the body’s energy. You might be surprised. But the science behind this fat-burning process is that these foods take quite longer time to digest, thus burning more calories than other foods. Ultimately, the body ends up using the accumulated fat for energy consumption.

Here are the top most fat-burning foods that could be used in your day-to-day routine.

Green Tea

green tea

Green Tea is a best choice for firing up your weight loss process by burning extra fat. Various studies suggest have mentioned that green tea stimulates the body to burn fat. It contains a type of phytochemical called catechins, which affects the body metabolism. It is advisable to drink hot or warm green tea several times per day.

Dairy products

3Dairy products

Usually it takes more calories for digesting protein-rich foods than carbs. That is why dairy products such as Skimmed milk and low-fat curd/yoghurt are good for burning fat. It takes longer to digest in the stomach, keeping you fuller for longer. Additionally, it also burns more calories in the process of digestion and builds up strong bones.  Thus, eating low-fat dairy products fire up body weight loss. Be particular to choose non-fat or low-fat, low-sugar versions of dairy products.



Similar to dairy product, eggs are also good for burning calories. Eggs have very less calories and considerable amount of protein along with vital nutrients. By eating eggs, your body will take more energy digesting them than any breakfast.



Oatmeal are fiber-rich whole-grains and when eaten hot, make a filling stomach. As it takes longer time to eat, your body will have enough fiber and you will feel full longer. However, avoid sugary oatmeal version.



Traditionally, cinnamon is a beneficial ingredient for health. It curbs your appetite, particularly for people with type-2 diabetes. Latest studies suggest that cinnamon helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body. You can use cinnamon to your daily coffee, tea, or even spice up your yogurt, without adding extra calories.

Hot Peppers

hot pepper

This daily kitchen ingredient has a flavorless chemical compound know as capsaicin, which curbs your appetite and speeds up the body metabolism. This compound is more in habaneros than jalapeños. Though it does not have a direct impact to weight loss, it aids by reducing your food intake.



Though Grapefruit is not a magical substance for burning fat, it does help in delivering fewer calories. The soluble fiber in grapefruit takes longer to digest and so keeps your appetite fuller. You can take a half grapefruit or a glass of juice before meal to fill up your stomach.

Almonds and other nuts

almonds and nuts

No doubt, almonds and other nuts are best to curb hunger in between the meals. It also aid in weight loss and improves blood cholesterol levels. It has to be eaten in moderate level. Almonds and nuts have high heart-healthy fats, protein, and fiber. They’re rich in calories as well.

Raw Vegetables


When you have crunching desire at odd times, raw vegetables make an excellent snack. They are low in calories, yet make you feel fuller. You can eat veggies with peanut butter or any dip for salad. For effective weight-loss, replace unhealthy snacks with raw veggies.


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