Why Eating Protein Foods is Important?

Protein is the building block of body cells. Protein foods are essential for boosting body metabolism and to keep your body energy levels upbeat. Having proteins foods every single day keeps your body healthy and strong. Proteins are actually long chains of amino acids, which are found in different types of foods. Usually highest source of protein comes from meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish. Even several vegetables and plant foods such as beans and seeds contain lesser amount of protein content.

Why is Protein Foods Important?

Amino acids are connected by peptide bonds in the body, and a deficiency of it causes low energy levels, low concentration, mood swings, and unstable blood sugar levels. Though our body can make several amino acids on its own, the rest need to be obtained from food sources rich in protein. It is necessary to obtain all the essential amino acids for the body. This can be done by eating plenty of protein-rich foods. Particularly for low calorie dieters and vegan diet followers, complete proteins are very important as they miss out those animal foods that has all the essential amino acids.

Less protein intake can result in sluggish body metabolism and trouble in losing weight or building muscle mass. It can also lead to bone, muscle, and joint pains along with low immunity.

Regular consumption of protein-rich foods also stabilizes your blood sugar levels. It also helps in adding muscle mass and supporting the neurological functioning in the body. Moreover, protein foods prevent weight gain, by keeping you feel duller for a longer time and requiring more energy to digest. It also aids in digestion and balances the body hormones naturally.

Below are some of the protein-rich foods to include in your diet regularly.

  1. Grass fed beef
  2. Bone broth protein
  3. Lentils
  4. Wild fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc.
  5. Organic chicken,
  6. Soybeans and Black beans
  7. Raw milk
  8. Kefir or yogurt
  9. Free-range eggs
  10. Raw cheese
Health Benefits of eating Protein Foods
  • Protein foods builds and maintains healthy muscle mass and supports tendons and ligaments in the body. After any physical workout, protein is important to repair and grow damaged muscle tissues.
  • Protein foods promote muscle synthesis and is effective for muscle ache treatment.
  • Moderately high-protein intake helps in weight loss as it increases satiety, preventing you from overeating.
  • Protein helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. It has low glycemic index response and has minimal effect on body’s blood glucose levels.
  • Protein foods improve your mood as certain amino acids in protein foods balances body hormones naturally.
  • It also promotes healthy brain functioning and cognitive learning. Protein in the body stimulates enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters, aiding in cognitive function. Steady supply of amino acids to brain improves concentration and focus. It also keeps your energy levels up.
  • Protein helps in maintaining strong bones. They are essential for healing and repairing bone weakness and fractures. A diet rich in protein increases calcium absorption and bone metabolism in the body.
  • Proteins also promotes heart health. High protein diet helps balance blood sugar levels in the body and prevents heart related diseases.
  • Protein foods helps the body to synthesize a master antioxidant called glutathione. This specific antioxidant helps in body detoxification and reduce carcinogens that contributes to oxidative stress. This way, it slows down aging process and promotes longevity.

Overall, protein rich diet with adequate nutrients helps the body system in innumerable ways. It keeps your health and energized, by maintaining a good balance of body systems.


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