Foods For Healthy, Stress Free Eyes

Earlier, we had a post about eye care, showing the importance of eye exercises and eye habits. Apart from all those, diet plays a major role in eye care. The nutrients in food help repair and renew the eye cells and skin around the eyes. Here we have few diet tips that help you get healthy, stress-free eyes. These foods for healthy eyes make your eye care routine beneficial.

Dry fruits and nuts:

Dry fruits like raisins, figs, and nuts like almonds are elixirs for eye care. With everyday routine damaging the eyes, these foods can help get rid of body toxins and eye damage.

Soak some 10-12 almonds, raisins and few anjeers overnight in water. In the morning, eat all these dry fruits on an empty stomach.

These dry fruits contain high amounts of fiber and vitamins. It helps resolve eye related problems.

Carrot and Amla:

We know that carrots are good food for eyes. A mix of carrot and Amla juice helps relieve from various eye disorders.

Take a cup of carrot and Amla juice in an empty stomach every morning.

Carrot and Amla contain lots of vitamin A and antioxidants that prevent and repair the ill effects of oxidative stress.

Foods rich in Copper

Copper is a micronutrient mineral that benefits eye care. It has potent antibacterial properties. Ayurvedic practitioners use copper vessels for drinking water. Storing water in these copper vessels overnight helps to heal innumerable ailments. Some of the copper-rich foods are cooked beef liver, cooked seafood like oysters, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and lentils.

Foods rich in Vitamin A

Foods that is rich in vitamin A aids in eye care. Carrots, green leafy vegetables, oranges, Amla, Anjeer or fig are packed with vitamin A. Vitamin A-rich foods helps flush out these toxins build up and prevents various diseases and vision problems.

Adding these foods into the diet will benefit eye care. All of these foods for healthy eyes makes your eye problems diminish effectively.


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