Home Remedies for Dark Elbows and Knees

Having dark elbows and knees is one problem that most people face. It might make your hands and legs look a little odd. Moreover, the roughness of the elbows will counteract with your own skin gentleness. It is true that there are little ways to hide the dark elbows like we do to our dark skin patches. Are you one who is embarrassed because of dark elbows and knees? You cannot hide them always. For some women, these dark knees become a problem while wearing short skirts or modern party dresses. Why to let dark elbows restrict your dress choices? Here we have simple home remedies for dark elbows that would help you in getting rid of this problem. You can see good results soon on your dark elbows and knees area.

Why do dark elbows appear?

Since there are no oil glands in elbow and knee skin, it gets dried out easily. Moreover, dirt and impurities get collected in that area making it difficult to remove. Added to this, your knees and elbows get affected due to sun exposure, pressure, friction, and dead skin cells buildup. All of these reasons contribute to dark elbows and knees.

It is essential to exfoliate, bleach, and moisturize the skin to get rid of these dark patches on knees and elbows. Here we have some natural ingredients that will help in lightening the dark patches.

Lemon And Honey

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that lightens your skin tone. honey helps in moisturizing the skin and also prevents any darkening.

Mix lemon juice with a tablespoon of honey. Apply this paste on the affected area and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this home remedy for thrice a week to notice visible results.

You can also use fruits like tomato and grapes, as they contain bleaching properties.

Baking Soda and Milk

Baking soda is an effective ingredient in cleaning the skin. It also reduces skin darkening. Milk acts as a bleaching agent and also cleanses the skin.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and milk to a paste. Apply this on your knees and elbows region and gently scrub it in circular motions. You can repeat this every two days once. Make it to do regularly until there are changes in the color.

Turmeric, Milk and Honey

Turmeric contains antiseptic properties that remove impurities and dirt. Milk has bleaching properties that cleanses and lightens the skin tone. Honey adds to the skin moisturization.

Mix some amount of turmeric with honey and milk to form a smooth paste. Apply it on the dark regions of your knees and elbows and leave it for 20 minutes. Gently scrub and exfoliate for 2 minutes. Wash it off with water.

Sugar And Olive Oil

Sugar works as an excellent exfoliation agent. Olive oil helps in moisturizing the skin.

Mix equal amount of olive oil with sugar to form a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the back of your elbows and rub for five minutes to exfoliate. Wash it off using mild cleanser or soap.

Gram Flour And Lemon

Gram flour cleanses the skin and provides mild exfoliation. Lemon acts as a natural bleach to lighten skin.

Mix lemon juice with gram flour and rub the mixture on the affected areas in circular motion. Allow it to dry and then wash with water.

Oil Massage

An oil massage can be effective to increase blood circulation and lighten your skin. You can use any of the oils such as olive oil, sesame, oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil. Make sure to use organic natural oils. Oil helps to soften the rough areas and provides a glow. It also reduces pressure and friction in those areas and combats skin dryness. Most of the oils contain vitamin E, which helps to even out the skin tone.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can help in reducing sun damage and overexposure in the elbows and knees area. It also provides moisturization to skin and prevents any skin dryness.

Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel on the affected are and leave it for 30 minutes.

A word for care

  • Use any exfoliating brush or bath loofah for removing dead cells in the knees and elbow region.
  • Make sure to apply sunscreen lotions on knees and elbows while going out. This will reduce the chances of sun exposure and development of dark skin.
  • Skin Moisturizers helps to hydrate the skin and this will avoid skin dryness. It also helps in reducing friction.
  • Rubbing with pumice stone can also help to get rid of dead cells in the skin.

Trying these home remedies for dark elbows and knees will help you in reducing the problem. You will then never be embarrasses to show off your skin. Share your methods in the comments.


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