Home Remedies for Stomach Pain caused by Heat

With the summer days approaching, it is possible for everyone to experience health problems raised out of heat. Excessive heat can ache your head and body, causing severe discomfort. Apart from that, heat can also trigger gastrointestinal troubles, which can result in cramps and pain. Stomach pain is the most common trouble that arises to one and all in any household, especially during the dry climate. Stomach ache and pain would be from mild to severe, hindering one’s routine. It is important to have few instant quick remedies at home, rather than running ahead straight to the doctor’s room.

When a stomach pain arises out of heat, it is easier to identify from your lifestyle and food intake. Pay close attention to your recent diet changes and outdoor activities. Dehydration can also be a contributing factor to stomach pains.

Here are few home remedies that can be of great use when in trouble. Most of the remedies that we publish here are solely practiced in our day to day life, passed through word-of-mouth from generation to generation.

The best yet easiest remedy for stomach pain is Lemon and Table Salt.

  • Take a medium sized lemon and squeeze it,
  • Add some Table salt to it,
  • Drink it in a gulp.

You need to drink it without adding any water.


  • Take equal amount of Castor oil and Sesame  oil,
  • Mix it together with a handful of cold water,
  • Apply the mixture around your belly button.

This will help in reducing the stomach pain in few hours. If castor oil is not available, you can use sesame oil alone.


  • Take a pinch of Black pepper, Fennel seeds, Fenugreek, and Jeera in equal amount,
  • Mix it with one tumbler of water,
  • Boil it until it reduces to half the quantity.,
  • Drink it once a day.

This is very effective for stomach pain caused by gastrointestinal problems.


  • Take a glass of butter milk,
  • Add few cucumber pieces and coriander leaves to it,
  • Drink it twice a day,
  • You can also add a pinch of asafoetida (hing powder) with it.

Few more Tips:

Additionally, you can also do few other things to keep yourself cool in summer.
In some cases, the following tip can also be helpful.

  • For relief from heat-caused stomach ache, you can also pour one cup of water on top of the head for instant relief. You need to splash the water forcefully on the head. The water could be cold but not too chill.
  •  You can keep yourself hydrated with lots of water.

Fenugreek is very good for summer and so you can also take Fenugreek Porridge (Vendhaya Kali) two times a month during summer.

You can also keep a routine of drinking Fenugreek with buttermilk twice a week. For this, you need to soak the fenugreek seeds overnight into buttermilk and drink it in early morning the next day.

Make your summer lifestyle surrounded with appropriate food routine so that you can keep your health fit. Following these home remedies can keep your stomach ache at bay. However, if anything severe persists continuously, it is advisable to consult a doctor.




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