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For lactating mothers, it is important to have enough breast milk production. That too, for first time mothers, it is always the greatest concern after child-birth. When the supply of breast milk is adequate, it satisfies the baby’s appetite and nutrition completely. However, some lactating mothers can have problems with adequate quantities of breast milk production. Low breast milk supply among lactating mothers can be due to illness, birth-control pills, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, infrequent breastfeeding and more. Inadequate breast milk supply can lead to high risk of malnutrition, weak immune system, and other health problems for the baby. It is always essential to increase breast milk supply. This can be done through healthy diet and nutrition for the mom.

Breast milk is the essential nutritional source for infants and newborn babies. There are several simple ways in which you can increase breast milk supply. Even though doctors prescribe medications to increase breast milk supply, simple home remedies can add to it. You can simply follow these homemade preparations and add it to your daily routine to increase breast milk production.

Almond Milk Porridge

Almonds are considered as galactagogues and one of the lactogenic foods. Eating almonds or drinking almond milk can benefit nursing mothers to the most. It can help increase the amount of breast milk supply, adding to its creaminess and sweetness.


Almonds – 8

Milk – ½ cup

Semolina – 3 tbsp

Water – as required

Sugar – as required

Direction to use
  • Take some almonds and soak them in a cup of water overnight.
  • Next day morning remove the skin of almond and wash them well.
  • Now take almond milk from the almonds by grind it along with water. You have to add water little by little.
  • Put this almond milk into a pan and allow it to boil.
  • Now add double roasted semolina into this and stir it continuously using a spoon, you should make it without forming any lumps.
  • Once semolina cooked well switch off the pan, it will take only few minutes to cook it.
  • Now add water and sugar according to your taste, if you want thicker consistency add little water or you can add more water.
  • Eat this almond semolina recipe whenever you want.

Garlic and Sesame Oil Paste 


Garlic – 7 to 8

Sesame Oil (Gingelly oil) – 2 tbsp

Palm sugar – 25 g

Direction to use
  • Heat gingelly oil in a pan and add some garlic into it.
  • Fry it until it becomes gold brown color and allow it to cool.
  • Grind it along with palm sugar and eat it whenever you want.

Dry Ginger porridge


Dry ginger – 5 big pieces

Rice – 25 g

Garlic – 10 gloves

Gingelly oil – 100 g

Palm sugar – 200 g

Direction to use
  • Soak rice and dry ginger in water for about half an hour and grind them along with little water until you get a fine paste.
  • Now some gingelly oil in a pan and add some garlic gloves into it.
  • Fry them until it becomes golden brown color and allow it to cool.
  • Make some palm sugar syrup by adding it into a glass of boiling water. Allow it to boil for few minutes and then strain it using strainer allow it to cool.
  • Take one glass of water in a vessel and allow it to boil.
  • Now add rice and dry ginger paste into it and stir continuously until it cooked well.
  • Add gingelly oil and garlic into it, mix them well.
  • Now add palm sugar syrup into it and mix well continuously until it becomes thick porridge consistency.
  • Eat this dry ginger porridge as breakfast this will helps to increase breast milk and also it is good for hip pain.
  • You can eat this porridge at first week after your delivery.

Apart from all these homemade porridge and recipe to increase breast milk, you can also follow simple changes to your routine. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Also, take nutritious food. Your latching position is important for comfortable feeding sessions. Breastfeeding frequency will also help in generating more breast milk. These home remedies and tips will increase breast milk production to a great extent. However, if you need any professional assistance for inadequate breast milk, you can consult your physician.



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