Is Keratin Hair Treatment really Beneficial

Keratin hair treatment has become the latest hair trend. It is considered a safe hair smoothening treatment that will leave your hair frizz-free for months. Are you battling with unruly frizzy hair? You might think this is a life-saving choice. But wait. Before stepping into a salon for the keratin hair treatment, make sure you know everything about this treatment – the pros and cons.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is actually a fibrous hair protein. Keratin treatment is a kind of hair straightening (smoothening) treatment that softens your frizzy curls. It is a process of using chemical formula on your hair to soften and straighten the strands.

Straightening vs Smoothening

Unlike the Japanese straightening method that gives you a perfect straight hair permanently, this method straightens and softens your curls, temporarily. Moreover, it adds sheen and shine to your hair by removing the entire fussy frizz. This way, it makes your hair look healthier and silkier. When compared to the permanent hair straightening method that changes your hair’s internal structure completely, this method is less harmful. Know that, it is not a permanent method, and has to be done once in 4 months.

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Chemicals Used

The word ‘keratin’ has nothing to do with the treatment. It is just a buzzword to market this treatment. One of the main chemical compounds used in this treatment is formaldehyde. It is important to use the safer amount of this chemical on your hair. Moreover, it is prone to cause some allergic reactions and does have a strong odor. If you have any health problems, make sure to be cautious of it.

Recent smoothening treatments have come up with a new ingredient – glyoxylic acid. Though it is formaldehyde-free, the results are not the same. Your hair smoothening won’t last for longer than two or three months. Moreover, it won’t dramatically soften the strands as formaldehyde does. So do your own research, question your salon stylist and opt for the treatment, as per your preference and need.

Is it Safe?

“Is this safe?’ This might be the very next question that arises in your mind. It is quite hard to say, whether it is safe or not as it might differ from person to person. The answer to this question depends on the chemical concentration used on your hair and the actual amount your hair needs to make it frizz-free.

Since it is a chemical process, you need to be careful before going for it. For those who have allergic reactions, sensitive scalps and other issues, make sure to do enough research and even do a strand test before doing for the entire hair.

The expense of it is quite a huge sum when compared to hair sprays and other hair smoothening serums you use. Any salon that claims to do it for less cost is worrying, so beware. You are paying for the stylist’s experience, the credible hair products, and the valuable time spent on your hair.

Do not do this more than thrice a might harm your hair, making them brittle and lead to breakage. Have this kind of keratin hair treatment for the time when you need the most, like festive season or summer vacations.

For those who have very unruly hair with curls that cause fizziness, this treatment option is right for you. But make sure to do it in a certified salon.

A Last Word

Though keratin hair treatments are the hottest thing in the world today, it might not the safest thing to do for everyone. Know your hair, analyze the pros and cons, choose a decent salon, opt for a professional styler and then get started with this treatment. Or else, you would regret. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


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