Tips to Design and Organize Kids Room

It could be a cumbersome task to sort out and organize rooms. That too, when it comes to kid’s room, there is more place for mess. It is every home-maker’s daily chore. So, why not add some fun to your kids room designing, at the same time, make your organizing work easier? Do you think it’s not possible? It is. The beauty of this idea is that it benefits your kid as well. Creative ideas for kid’s bedroom can add liveliness to their personal space. Moreover, it helps them learn with fun. Following some creative ideas for designing and organizing kids room can help a lot. If you are wondering how, lucky for you; we are here to shed some light on this idea!


Messy rooms are never appealing. When it comes to organizing kid’s room, make sure to choose the right storage methods. Sorting and storing things comes first. Innovative storage ideas can make your kid’s room look tidier and smarter. Moreover, right storage ideas clear up the floor space for kids play.

Modern Nursery/kid’s room by Neuvonfrisch

You can add storage spaces underneath your kid’s bed for their things. This way, you can keep your kid’s room sorted easily.

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Seating cum storage can be smart idea. You can turn the child’s seating furnitures into storage compartment for organizing any kind of stuff.

Modern Nursery/kid’s room von bobo kids

Organize Toys

Usually, toys are a part of kid’s place. They have lot of them and as a result you have to spend lot of time storing and organizing it. This is why you need to find creative storage ideas for toys. When it comes to kid’s room, storage spaces have to be accessible for them. Let them keep their toys and stuff right at their area of reach. Having such easy-to-access storage places for kids will train them to learn how to organize things.

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Kid’s Closet

While organizing kid’s room, we make the mistake of doing it from our eye view. Why not take the kid’s view? Remember to make closets and storage spaces at their eye level so that they can organize themselves. Normal closet hangers could be out of reach for kids. Try adding a kid’s closet in the room for their attire. Help them learn to take and return their stuff in place.

Modern Corridor, hallway & stairs by Neuvonfrisch
Scandinavian Nursery/kid’s room von CODE37


Chalkboards and Easels

Kids love scribbling. Why let your kids spoil the wall? Instead, you can add to their creativity by designing a chalkboard wall in their room. Paint one end of their room with a chalkboard paint and voila! See their creativity flow. Kids can use it to draw, scribble, or do anything they wish in their wall of creativity. While adding such a design to your kid’s room will encourage them a lot, it relieves you from the messy scribbled walls at home.

Modern Nursery/kid’s room von Студия дизайна Interior Design IDEAS


However, if you don’t like the idea of blackboard walls, you can just install a framed chalkboard on a corner for your kids room. You can also try kids’ Easels as chalkboards but it might be occupying some space in the room. If you are concerned about spaces, you can use convertibles which work as both kid’s easel and a table.

Modern Nursery/kid’s room von Finoak LTD

Educational Space

Placing educational things on kid’s room is a kind of learning. Usually, we keep focusing on design but learning is more important. Charts, books, and educational toys can aid in fun-filled learning for your kids. Keep in them in a way that would excite the kids.

Nikhil patel residence: Modern Nursery/kid’s room von Dipen Gada & Associates


Eclectic Nursery/kid’s room von L’oiseau rêveur


All these kid’s room designs are just a spark of idea. You can get creative as you wish and sky is the limit in this regard. How do you create storage spaces for your kids and organize them? Share us in the comments…



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