Pear-Spinach Juice for Belly Fat Reduction

Belly fat can be a great discomfort for many. It is not only about beauty but is a health problem. Not many of us realize the importance of reducing belly fat until it becomes visibly larger, giving discomfort. Know that belly fat is not like any other body fat accumulation, which gets easily dissolved when needed energy. This is why often belly fat is the hardest part to reduce. Here we have a special fruit-veggie juice that aids in belly fat reduction. This juice for belly fat reduction is made from natural ingredients like pear fruit and Indian spinach. All of the ingredients in this juice contain the necessary compounds to reduce belly fat, at the same time provide you with healthy nutrients.


Pear – 1 (chopped)

Indian Spinach (Pasalai Keerai) – 1 cup

Lemon – 1 (Juiced)

Cucumber – 1 (chopped)

  • Chop the pear fruit and cucumber.
  • Juice the lemon and get the spinach ready for blending.
  • Add it to the other ingredients with water in a mixer.
  • Blend well and drink the juice.

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You have to take this drink everyday night before going to sleep. Having this for a week can help in fat reduction in belly. You can see visible results then. You can feel your cholesterol levels and body fat reduced considerably after consuming this juice for a week.

This Pear-Spinach Juice helps in breaking down the fat cells in the body and increases your metabolism. Also, it reduces your appetite and craving and keeping your stomach fuller for longer. This will help in weight loss. Presence of citric acid in this juice helps in stimulating the Belly Fat Reduction process in the body. It is also beneficial for liver and digestive system by cleansing it out of toxins. The Pear fruit provides the necessary fiber for the body and reduces your food cravings. Indian spinach or Pasalai Kerrai reduces allergic reactions in the body and decreases the acidity in blood stream.

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Try to consume this juice for belly fat reduction and share us the benefits.


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