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Health Benefits of Ginger Tea 2

Ginger Tea – Healthy Herbal Drink

In traditional Ayurveda, ginger is an important ingredient. This spicy, pungent aromatic root stands out in traditional and Western healing systems for its medicinal properties. Researchers have found that ginger contains volatile oils and...

How to Make Liver Detox Juice 1

How to Make Liver Detox Juice

We know the importance of liver and its functions to the body system. It plays a central role in body metabolism, digestion, immunity, blood clotting, and storage of nutrients. Liver produces the needed proteins...

Home Remedies for Headache 0

Home Remedies for Headache

Continuous stress and physical pressure can cause disturbance to the body system. Every disturbance, both internal and external, can affect the body, causing it to produce symptoms of different sorts. Headache is one such universal body...