Traditional Beauty Secrets Everyone Must Know – Skin Care

Our ancestors are probably more knowledgeable to their age, to find various health and beauty remedies. The best part of their tips is that they are totally natural and easy to do from home. Most of their ingredients for beauty tips are readily available from every kitchen shelf. Not many of us today are aware of the amazing things that traditional beauty tips from grandmas can do to skin care. These traditional skin care tips are indeed safer and much better than many other commercial cosmetics. It works like magic but retains its effectiveness for a longer time!

So, if you are interested to know some of the traditional beauty tips, passed down from our grandmas, here are few that work wonders.

Turmeric –The Golden Herb

Turmeric is one among the ancient beauty remedy. Everyone knows about the anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties of turmeric. All of these properties of turmeric help to cover up any possible scars and marks. It also helps prevent and fight against acne problem. Turmeric is known to make the skin brighter and fairer on regular use. Moreover, it is also easily available for every Indian kitchen. When using facemasks, turmeric is a must ingredient to add. Know more about turmeric benefits. Also check out the recipe for making Turmeric Ubtan Powder.

Carrots for skin care

Carrots and skin care is a perfect combo. It is considered a super beauty food. There are amazing ways in which carrots can improve your skin complexion. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help get you smoother and even toned skin. The beta-carotenes in carrots give a healthy glow to the skin. Carrots are also an anti-aging veggie that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

You can also use carrot juice added with multani mitti or besan powder for topical application.

Fresh Milk Cream

Milk is one of the excellent skin bleaching ingredients. Traditionally, fresh milk cream is used for face packs. You can use milk for most of the face packs instead of water.  However, fresh cream is more beneficial, as it has moisturizing and skin lightening properties. It is also suitable for both oily and dry skin beauties.

Applying milk cream with honey helps get a soft and supple skin.

A mix of milk cream and gram flour is great for dry skin beauties. It is a natural moisturizer. You can also apply it to other dry parts of the body like elbows.

Gram Flour or Besan

Gram flour or commonly named the Besan is a traditional ingredient used extensively for beauty and skin care. You can use besan as a daily body bath powder or include it in face packs. Gram flour has alkalizing properties that help cleanse and maintain the skin pH. Gram flour hampers the sebum production in the skin. Instead of harsh soaps, besan can be used as a body cleanser.

A mix of besan with rose water or milk is excellent for oily skin as it removes excess oil and dirt.

All of these traditional beauty tips will surely replace the chemical-based daily skin care products for good. These natural therapy tips enhance your beauty and skin care routine for good.


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