Why drinking Water is more Beneficial than Fruit Juices

Why drinking Water is more Beneficial than Fruit Juices

Every one of us knows the importance of water for health. However, we do not drink the necessary amount all day. The blatant tasteless drinking of water makes it little undesirable. But we cannot deny the fact that nothing quenches the thirst better than water. So, is it that much important to drink water? But why? Can’t be take juices, smoothies or other drinks in the place of water? May be, sometimes we do. But the effects are not the same. This is why drinking water is more beneficial than fruit juices.

Our body needs lots of water every day. So many biological processes depend on water and in that way we lose our water content constantly. Everything from breathing and sweating to digestion and excretion requires lots of water. If our water consumption decreases, then our body falls into a state of dehydration. Not all the fluids we intake fulfills the body’s requirement of water content. Water is always the best thing to drink.

So why does it seem so. Water helps in replenishing the body fluids that are loss in daily physical activities. Though water does not have any nutrients on its own, it is as important as a nutritious meal.

Drinking water is more beneficial than any other drink. The main reason is that water does not have any calories in it. Unlike other fruit juices that contain lots of vitamins and minerals, water does not contain any. However, it does not have any sugars as well. Water, on the other hand, maintains the body balance of fluids and Helps Energize Muscles.

If you go overboard on fruit juice, you can hinder the nutritious diet balance with added calories and sugars. These extra sugars and calories to the body are harmful. However, with water you can even go overboard. It does not bring any harm by drinking excess water. Actually it will benefit the body system to flush out the toxins and detoxify.

While water aids in weight loss, fruit juices does not. Drinking more than a glass of fruit juice per day can lead to weight gain. For instance, a glass of orange juice is said to contain 112 calories. It has to be noted that it would lead to weight gain through accumulation of calories, if you drink 3-4 glasses of orange juice a day.

However, it is not necessary to eliminate fruit juices completely. It is a nutritious healthy drink and our body requires it as well. However you have to limit its consumption to an average.

It is advisable to drink an average of 8 glasses of water per day. While you can drink any amount of water for your daily needs, not more than a glass of fruit juice is recommended per day, unless otherwise specified.



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