Health Benefits of Flax Seeds and Tips for using it

The world has started becoming apprehensive about the wonders of nature and its health ingredients. People are increasing getting aware of good-old plant foods that were forgotten in the recent centuries. Flax seeds are one of the wonder foods that are shown to have excellent health benefits. Recent studies show that health benefits of flax seeds extend far beyond the usage in food. Several researches show evidence about flax seeds helping to fight against heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

flax seeds and health benefits

This powerful plant seed has been around for centuries, but it took years for us to recognize its benefits. Commonly flax seeds are found in waffles, oatmeal, and food crackers. It has healthy components such as Omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidant and estrogen rich Lignans, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber content. There are surplus benefits of flax seeds that are often overlooked.

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

The anti-inflammatory properties of flax seeds help in normalizing the heartbeat. The Omega-3 essential fatty acids are ‘good’ fats that benefit the heart health. There is also significant lowering of blood pressure by flax seeds consumption. Lignans in flaxseed reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. It also helps in maintaining your cholesterol levels. Among menopausal women, the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol or LDL in the blood is considerably reduced because of the combined effects of its primary components. Flax seeds are also said to have improved blood sugar levels in type2 diabetes.

It is advised that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not rely on flax seeds for supplement.

How to use:

Here is a simple Flax Seed Smoothie


Flax seeds – 2 Tbsp.

Flavored soya milk or Yoghurt – 1 cup

Chopped strawberries or any berries – 1 cup

Chopped bananas – 1/2 cup

Honey – 2 tsp.


Add all the ingredients together in a blender until it becomes smooth and frothy. Serve chilled.

  • Flax seeds oil is available in the market. However, experts suggest consuming flax seeds to be effective than using oils.
  • Flax seeds are not best to be eaten whole as it will pass through the GI tract undigested. You have to use ground flax seeds.
  • You have to store ground flax seeds in a freezer while whole flax seeds can have a longer shelf-life.
  • You can add flax seeds to your regular diet like oatmeal, smoothies, yoghurt, or even soup. Just stir a few tablespoons of ground flaxseeds to your meal daily.
  • While making cakes, pancakes, cookies or rotis, you can add ground flax seeds right into the batter.


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