7 Tips to Raise Good and Humble Kids

7 Tips to Raise Good and Humble Kids

Parenting requires lots of effort and hard work for everything. You need to put in blood, sweat, and tears to raise a kid. However, a right attitude in upbringing your child forms the foundation for their character and personality in future. Today, so many parents are keen in raising smart, successful kids. But many forget the importance of raising good and humble kids. As a parent, one needs to know when to raise the hand and when to calm the kid with love. Instilling good virtues like kindness, generosity, and humbleness is a part of parenting responsibility. Plus, you need to bust the kid’s bratty behavior with a calm and positive attitude; otherwise, you might end up enraging the kid’s emotions. Psychologists suggest that teaching empathy and emotional management to children would help them become caring, responsible, and respectable adults. So, here are several suggestions on raising a kid and what to teach kids to become a better person.

  1. Teach Emotion Management

Even as adults, emotional management is hard. Anger, disappointment, and sadness, can affect children, just as it takes toll on adults. This is why it is important to teach kids how to manage their emotions. Controlling negative emotions is not always a bad thing. Teach them such feelings are ok and are normal but has to be controlled. We need to teach kids about coping with such negative emotions. We have to make them understand that wasting too much energy on negative emotions yields no good. There are various ways in which we can control emotions. Teach your child simple breathing exercise and let them count to five. Help them perform it during their emotional moments. This might be hard but the practice can help them do the same while they grow up. Moreover, practice food emotional self-management yourself and resist from your own tantrums and yelling. After all, your child takes you as his/her model. So be aware.

  1. Teach some Responsibility

It is important to talk to kids about their responsibility. While as parents, we often do all the chores for the child, leaving them free of any responsibility. But that should not be the way. We have to expect our little ones to be dutiful and responsible even as a toddler. Invite your kid to help you in house chores. Even though it might take a longer time, it’s a team work. Similarly, suggest him to do simple tasks. For instance, if he is hungry show him where apple is and teach him to wash it off. Let him do it. If your daughter throws off her clothes on floor, place a laundry basket and show her where the dirty clothes belong. Furthermore, teach kids to take responsibility for their actions. For instance, if they broke something or messed up the table, make them understand the value of it and what it takes to set it right. Let them face the consequences of their actions. You just be there to help. Punishments are not going to help in this regard.

  1. Teach compassion

Raising a kid with compassion does not make them feel compassion. Both are different extremes. Teach your kid to be compassionate with others and help the weak. It is important for your kid to have the ability to feel compassion. Remind your kid that being kind is more important that being happy. Compassion means not for those he loves, but for everyone who might need help. Ask them to think of the feelings of others from their perspective. If there is a neighbor who he/she ignores, make him understand what it feels to be ignored by them. This is a good way to get them think about others.

  1. Teach gratefulness

It is important that your kid to be grateful to others, even if it might mean the smallest of all things. He/she should not shy away to admit their gratefulness for something someone has done for them. Start this at home. Ask them to hug their grandparents for their desserts. Remind them to thank others whenever required. These things help them grow as a kind individual. Also, expressing gratitude makes them feel happier. On the other hand, mention them how grateful they are for what they have. Remind them of kids who have nothing to eat and those who have no home. As a parent, this will help your child develop a sense of social responsibility, gratitude, as well as compassion.

  1. Teach Good Behavior and Values

As a parent, it is essential to teach kids good behavior. Instill them with family values even before they understand it. Usually, today’s parents are more concerned about school grades and success, but ignore the ethical behavior in their children. Teach your child how to keep up promises and let him know to adhere to his word and deed. See if he behaves respectfully with one and all. Teach them how to behave with peers and friends who upset them.

  1. Nurture your Kid

Spend some valuable time with your kid. This is very important. Even if it is not a big time outing or picnic, just some alone moment with your child at home with bring him a sense of secure feeling. Your communication with your kid should be based on love and affection. Disciplining and punishing should not be the only time you give attention to your child. Make sure your connection with your kid builds a trusting relationship between you and your child. Play and chat with them; go on for a trip somewhere; show them you love them no matter what. This will help them become a kind individual who knows love and respect for themselves as well as others.

  1. Be a Role Model and Mentor

Adults are the mentors for children. They try to imitate their favorite family members. So, it is important for parents to act in accordance to your own words and actions. This will encourage children to be the same. Ethical values and respect is what children learn from parents. As a moral role model, you need to practice honesty and caring attitude. Not everyone is perfect; so, you need to admit your flaws and mistakes as well. This will help them understand us and accept as we are. It will also build respect and trust towards us no matter how we are.

Children are not born bad or good. It takes adults to mold them into a moral being. So we need to insist positivity and caring attitude among our kids and help them become kind and humble individuals.


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