DIY Anti-stress Massage Lotion

DIY Anti-stress massage lotionA good massage is beneficial for your body and mind. Using different oils helps elevate your mind and relaxes your mood. Here we have a simple DIY anti-stress massage lotion that improves your mind and body for the best. The stress-relieving formula of this lotion helps enhance your physical and psychological health. You can make this therapeutic lotion easily at home.

The therapeutic lotion relieves sore and knotted muscles to get a physical relief. Also, the lotion relaxes the body skin muscles and provides a soft and supple skin. Moreover, the blend of essential oils in this lotion helps to reduce mental stress and gain a holistic peace. The soothing oil relieves bod fatigue and physical tension as well. This is why this anti-stress lotion is applauded for its effects. The specially formulation lotion is great for a full-body spa-like massage. It gives a rejuvenated feel to the mind and body. Here is how you can make this DIY Anti-stress Massage Lotion at home easily.

DIY Anti-stress Massage Lotion

This DIY Anti-stress Massage Lotion can be customized as per your need and preference by using essential oils of your choice. Eucalyptus essential oil helps to clear the mind of all stress. Spearmint essential oil improves concentration. Vanilla and lavender oil reduces mental stress and relaxes.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 75 ml

Olive Oil – 175 ml

Beeswax – 25 g

Rose water – 250 ml

Glycerin – 1 tsp.

Vanilla Essential Oil – 20 drops

Lavender Oil – 20 drops

Geranium essential oil – 20 drops

Patchouli essential oil –  10 drops


  1. Take the olive oil in a bowl and add extra virgin coconut oil to it.
  2. Mix some beeswax into the oils.
  3. Keep the bowl in low flame until the wax gets melted
  4. Switch off the stone and let it cool down.
  5. After it gets cooled down, use a blender to blend everything well.
  6. Meanwhile combine the rose water and glycerin in a separate bowl
  7. Pour this mixture into the blender
  8. Mix well until it turns into a creamy texture consistency
  9. Now start adding the essential oils of your choice.
  10. We use 20 drops of lavender oil, Vanilla oil, geranium oil and few drops of patchouli essential oil.
  11. Blend everything well.
  12. Store in a dry container. It will become a cream like texture after cooled down.

You can also try a different DIY Anti-stress Lotion with the below essential oils, using the same procedure.

Eucalyptus oil – 20 drops

Spearmint oil – 20 drops

You can use this as a regular body and face massage lotion.

A Word for Care

Always do a patch test before making the DIY Anti-stress Lotion with essential oils. Some oils may be allergic to certain individuals.




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