GM Diet Plan Schedule – DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4

In the previous posts, we detailed the gist of GM Diet Plan and how it works. If you have not yet read, here are the links.

What is GM Diet Plan?
How GM Diet Plan Works?

So, you are now prepared completely for the GM Diet Plan and need not wait longer. Here is the schedule for the diet with complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. You can alter it as desired for your vegan diet. There are also alternatives mentioned at the end of the post for further assistance.

Below is a day-to-day guide for anyone who wants to follow the GM diet.

GM Diet Plan –Day 1

GM diet plan day1

Fruits Day – On this day, you can intake as many fruits as possible. The only exception is bananas. You can even eat 20 times a day. Crunch on a fruit whenever you feel food cravings. You must drink as much as water possible. This will help in keeping your body hydrated. You can also take coconut water during the daytime, when you get cravings. It will fill the stomach.


1 papaya or ½ melons

1 apple

1-2 glasses of water

Mid-day Crunch

Any fruit like oranges or berries.


½ Watermelons,

A bowl of papaya or apples

1 Orange or mango

2 glasses of water

Evening snacks

Strawberries and pomegranates or grapes and litchi (any fruit you wish).


1 apple or orange

1 cantaloupe

1-2 glasses of water

GM Diet Plan –Day 2

GM diet plan day2 a

Veggies Day – You can take as many vegetables as possible.

You can also add boiled vegetables of your choice to the salad. Finish off the day with lots of water to keep your stomach fuller.


1 boiled potato with a tsp. of butter, you can also use sweet potato. But do not add sugar to it.

2 glasses of water

Mid-day Crunch

Carrots or peas


1 cup salad with raw cabbage, cucumber, carrots, and beetroot sprinkled with lime for flavor. You can also have tomato.

1-2 glasses of water

Evening snacks

Crunch on some raw veggies. Cherry tomatoes.


Cooked broccoli or cauliflower with cucumber, and lettuce.

GM Diet Plan –Day 3

GM diet plan day3

It could be little easier and you are a half way through. You can have a combination of foods in day 1 and day 2, which means, you can eat both fruits and vegetables on this day. Drink lots of water.

You can do breathing exercises on this day. Avoid eating corn, carrots or peas on this day.


1 apple or melon

1 cup of lettuce or any raw veggie

2 glasses of water

Mid-day Crunch

1 cup of cantaloupe or papaya.


Salad with raw cabbage and cucumber sprinkled with lime for flavor. You can have more tomatoes today. Add boiled vegetables as well to your lunch.

1-2 glasses of water

Evening snacks

You can have some raw veggies like cucumber or fruits grapes, berries, lemons and pomegranates.


1 cup Boiled greens or cauliflower.

1 fruit or take fruit salads with watermelon, mangoes and apple.

If you feel hungry have some oranges or lemonade. You can also take tomato soup on this day.

GM Diet Plan –Day 4

GM diet plan day4

This day is my favorite day and easiest as well. You can have up to 6 bananas and 4 glasses of milk on this day. Drink water more today as you will need it. You have the GM Diet wonder soup on this day.


2 Bananas

1 glass of milk (you can also have coconut milk, or almond milk)

2 glasses of water

Mid-day crunch

1 glass of Skimmed milk


2 bananas sliced and added to milk

1 cup GM diet wonder soup or tomato soup and cabbage stew

Evening snacks



2 bananas milk shake

Vegetable soup

Food Alternatives

Milk can be replaced with yoghurt or buttermilk without sugar.

Skimmed Milk for milk shakes can be replaced with soy milk, almond milk as well.

Water can be replaced with coconut water or lemonade.

For Day 5, Day 6, Day 7 check out our next post.

Here is the link for the next three days of GM Diet plan schedule

GM Diet Plan Schedule – DAY 5, DAY 6, DAY 7


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