Home Remedies to soothe Knee pain

 It is common to experience knee pain caused by workout or walking. The painkillers are the first thing that we reach out for knee pain. But that is not always a wise idea. Instead, you can go for natural ways to deal with common knee pain. If the pain persisted for more than two days, you can go for a consultation with medical practitioner. Here we have few simple ways in which you can soothe knee pain at home. All of these natural ingredients have pain-relieving properties that efficiently deal with knee pain.

Ice cubes

The first and best thing you can run to when you have pain is ice cubes. The acute pain in the knees can be easily relieved when applying ice packs. It reduces pain and also minimizes any swelling or inflammation in the area. Icepacks can help you recover quickly from knee pain.


Turmeric is a good ancient remedy for many health problems. It is a potent antiseptic and so relieves pain efficiently. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Take a pan and roast 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of hot ghee.

Keep it aside. Make a small wheat roti and roast it on one side alone.

Now pour the hot turmeric paste on the roti’s unroasted side and place this roti over the knee.

Tie it down with a clean cotton cloth to secure it in place.

Use this compress daily until you relieve from knee pain completely.

Alternatively, you can also Mix wild turmeric with hot water/milk and apply it on the affected region twice a day. This will also help to relieve from pain.


Camphor has various therapeutic uses. From the ancient times, it’s been known for an effective remedy for curing pain and inflammation.

Take some warm coconut oil or olive oil and mix it with a piece of camphor.

If not camphor available, you can use camphor powder or camphor oil as well.

Once it cools down, massage gently on the knees area.

You can do it twice daily to get rid of knee pain.

Make sure to use organic camphor or else you can get allergies.

Applying camphor to the knees helps to improve blood circulation in the region, and thus relieves from joint strains and irritation.

Omam/Ajwain seeds

Also known as Carom seeds, these tiny ingredients hold great benefits for knee pain. The anti-inflammatory compounds in omam seeds help to soothe knee pain. It also has anesthetic properties that reduce any swelling or redness in the knee region, caused by knee problems like arthritis or inflammatory diseases.

Crush the omam seeds and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply this paste onto the aching knees to get fast relief.

Castor oil

Massaging helps a lot in case of sprains. Massage gently with castor oil on the aching knee joint region. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory compounds that stimulates antibodies and relieves inflammation.

Warm some castor oil and massage gently. Then use a hot water bag to apply some warm massage to the knees. This will get you rid of knee pain naturally.

Try out these home remedies for knee pain and let us know in the comments.


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