How to Restore Hair Moisture Naturally

Your hair’s health depends on the moisture level of the strands. The strength and softness of the hair is determined by the moisture level. This is why it is essential to restore the hair moisture level. Usually, we treat hair with various chemicals, causing constant damage to the hair strands. This will lead to hair breakage and hair loss. To eradicate the problem, you need to know how to restore the hair moisture naturally. This will ultimately leave you with beautiful and soft tresses.

Here we have few simple hair treatments that can be easily done at home. Following these methods can leave your hair glossy and healthy as it helps to restore hair moisture naturally.


  • First things first; Inner nutrition is important part of hair health.
  • Drinking lots of water is necessary to maintain your hair moisture level. Your hair cells needs to be hydrated as it is composed of 25% water. Good moisture level in hair cells will promote hair growth and healthy hair.
  • Healthy Diet is also essential for hair growth. You need to intake foods rich in proteins and Vitamin B. This will provide longer and softer hair. Moreover, seafood-rich diet will give silkier and shiner hair.

Hair Masks:

You have to provide the right kind of hair masks for your hair. There are different types of hair like dry hair, greasy hair, and curly hair. Each hair type requires a different kind of hair mask and so makes sure to use the right hair masks. DIY hair masks are the best. Here we have so many hair masks ingredients that are good for getting soft and lustrous hair.

  • A hair mask with avocado and Honey will retain the moisture to your hair.
  • Egg is rich in protein and is good for hair masks and conditioning.
  • Olive oil is also a good option to be added for hair masks. It also prevents split ends and hair breakage.
  • You can mix eggs with olive oil for smoother hair. The protein and amino acid in the egg adds strength to your hair and makes it shinier. Olive oil will help in conditioning and softening dry hair.
  • A hair mask for instant shine. Mix egg, honey, and yoghurt together and apply on hair. Rinse it off with cold water.

Oil Massage:

Massaging your hair with oil is an effective home remedy for moisturizing your hair. Massaging increases blood circulation in hair and improves hair growth. Coconut oil or sesame oil is preferable for hair. Usually warm oil massage is the best. You will also get a spa like experience after having a warm oil massage. You can also try adding herbs like shikakai and reetha (soap nuts) in oil for massage.


Hair products and Dirt buildup will make your hair look sticky and dull. Using too gentle shampoo on heavy hair products used hair will not efficiently clean up the hair. You have to use some heavier shampoos. However shampoos with too many harsh chemicals can strip off the hair moisture and leave your hair dry and brittle. The best home remedy you can do is to add some amount of baking soda to your shampoo (preferably, a teaspoon for a medium length hair). This will remove all dirt and greasiness from your hair, giving a shinier look.

Hair Rinse:

You can rinse your hair with several ingredients like vinegar, black tea, chamomile tea. This will also help to restore hair moisture.

Hair Conditioning:

Deep conditioning treatment every week with a hair mask would retain the needed moisture to hair. There are so many deep conditioning hair treatments you can try.

Following these home remedies can restore hair moisture naturally. Have you tried any of these? Do you have new ways to add moisture to hair? Share with us in the comments section.



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