Simple ways to Control Hair Damage during Summer

Seasonal hair fall is common. That too, the scorching summer heat is sure to cause damage to the hair, causing hair fall and other problems. So, it is the necessary to take good care of hair during summers, as we do for our summer skin care. Usually, most of us use sunscreen blocks for skin to prevent sun damage. But why do we ignore the hair? The scalp and hair also require proper pampering during the heating season. So here are few simple ways everyone can follow to control hair damage during summer.

The first and foremost damage that occurs to hair during summer is hair fall. Are you one struggling with this problem? If so, read ahead to know the ways to control and prevent hair fall. There are so many good old natural remedies to reduce hair fall occurring due to heat and damage. Here are few for you to follow.

Oil massage

This is one of the easiest and affordable ways of curing hair fall. Oil massage is a traditional way too as we see so many older people massaging their hair on regular basis. Including oil massage to your regular hair care routine will benefit a lot.

Warm oil massage will help strengthen the hair roots and prevents hair fall. Add some essential oils of your choice to massage the scalp. It will help soothe and relax your senses. Gently massage your scalp with warm oil twice or thrice a week. You are sure to notice a remarkable change in your hair quality. Moreover, massaging increases blood circulation in your scalp and makes the hair roots stronger.

Coconut oil and almond oil are best to use for scalp and hair follicles.

Natural Extracts

The heat during summer will affect your scalp extensively and cause dryness. To eradicate such problem, it is necessary to keep the scalp hydrated. Fruit extracts are natural and can favorably help you in getting your hair and scalp the necessary hydration. Aloe vera extract is a great way to nourish and hydrate your hair. You can also use wheat-grat juice as an alternative to combat dryness and keep the hair moist and soft. Also, fruit juices promote faster hair growth as well. Coconut milk is also an excellent remedy for hair loss. It provides the scalp with rich nutrition and makes the hair soft and bouncy.

Fruits Hair Mask

Keeping your hair and scalp hydrated helps a lot. You can use different types of fruit hair masks to provide your hair with nourishment and hydration. Gooseberry or beetroot masks can also benefit hair from damage. There are also several Fruits Hair Packs for Hair Care that benefits a lot. Papaya Hair Mask for Healthy Hair helps get a nourished hair.

Take care of your diet

Your hair should be provided the essential nutrients and hydration from inside out. So always take care of your diet, with a balance of all nutrients. A healthy diet will make your hair grow healthier. Consume lots of green vegetables and spinach to get thick hair. Protein-rich foods like eggs, milk, and legumes benefit hair growth. Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are good to add to the diet. Most importantly, drink lots of water and flush out toxins out of your body. Only then your hair and scalp will be hydrated and healthy.

Check your Hair products

Your hair products are important to have a look on. Try changing to a mild shampoo and organic hair oil. Use a wide toothed comb for brushing your hair. Also, wear a scarf or any hat to prevent your hair from getting direct exposure to sunlight.

Remember that your hair needs proper treatment and care during summers. So, try out these simple routine to control hair damage during summer time and prevent possible hair fall and other problems.


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